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Author guest post and giveaway with Mary Abshire

Love Conquers All Evil

Does love really conquer Evil? It was the question my protagonist, Jessie, had to answer in the 4th book of the Soul Catcher series.

The third book in the series, Fighting Evil, ends with the question "What happens next?" I jumped right into writing book 4. Drake and Jessie are on the run from the VETOV (Vampires for the Ethical Treatment of Other Vampires). In writing the book, I had to think of a place they could hide. Vampires are cold-blooded creatures. The logical place they'd want to go is somewhere warm. They hate the cold whereas demons, being hot-blooded creatures, love the cold. So, what place did I come up with for Drake and Jessie to hide? Alaska. Yes, it's not a good place for Drake, but he knows they are safer there.

Upon their arrival, they stumble across a murder. The dynamic duo asks questions and soon discovers there is a serial killer on the loose, and it's a demon stealing good souls. Jessie wants to stop the evil murderer, so she mingles with the local demon community. Well, a werewolf from the past appears and more trouble arises. She doesn't want to tell Drake just yet because she doesn't want to alarm him. Needless-to-say, things spin out of control fast. She has several "evils" that she faces while her heart yearns for one man who wants to spend eternity with her. Can she conquer the evil? Should she give up life for eternity with her vampire lover? It's not so simple since she's half-demon, but Drake works hard to persuade her, real hard. To find out the answers, I encourage you to read the book.

"You still have not told me what is on your mind," Drake said.
I stopped pacing, and stood near the door. "I'm thinking about the kind of demons who steal souls."
"You know what I am talking about," he said, smiling. "Our agreement from earlier. You owe me an answer, and I intend to get it."
Get it? Oh, I could give it to him, but why not make him work for it? Grinning, I uncrossed my arms. "And I seem to recall telling you to give me what I want, and then I would tell you. Well, Mr. Dark Eyes, you still owe me."
"Mr. Dark Eyes?" Drake slowly rose from the chair. "I owe you?"
I took a step back, placing myself in the doorway. Any closer and I'd run. Let him catch me, and work for the answer.
"I fulfilled my obligation," he said, his head slightly tilted to the side. His pupils enlarged.
I licked my lips. "Only to an extent. We were interrupted."
"You are teasing me," he said, as he took a step toward me.
Giggling, I darted down the hall, and raced down the stairs. Footsteps came fast behind me. I had no hope of escaping him, but that was all part of the fun. And he knew it.
Drake caught me two steps past the stairs. He picked me up, and my legs flew up in front of me. He carried me into the bedroom, all while I laughed, screamed a little, and wriggled in his arms. Reaching the bed, he let go, and I fell onto the soft mattress.
I quickly twisted around to face him. He gazed into my eyes, and below his curled upper lip, two sharp teeth said hello. Amusement played on his face. He grabbed my legs, and yanked me toward him.
"Do you refuse to tell me after we agreed—?"
"Refuse is such a strong word. I don't refuse. I simply want something in return." I grinned.
He lowered his body over mine, and rubbed his solid cock against me. Oh God, I loved the feel of him.
"I intend to get my answer," he said before he pressed his lips to mine, kissing me gently, tenderly.
I raked my fingers through his soft hair, brushing it away from his face. "Show me how badly you want it."
After a quick tug, he had my shorts off, and then he showed me how much he wanted my answer, repeatedly, until my body was sore, throbbing with ecstasy, and totally exhausted.

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By day, Mary is a government employee. At night, she’s a Paranormal
Romance and Urban Fantasy Author.
Her interest in dark, mysterious, and dangerous creatures started in her
youth. Sci-fi and horror shows were her favorite. During her teenage years,
she read every Anne Rice book available, had a plethora of pen-pals she
wrote to, and enjoyed 80’s new wave music. In her early twenties, she
dabbled with writing, but never pursued it as a career. Fifteen years later,
she decided to write again. After writing a few full-length novels, she came
to the realization that she couldn’t stop. What started as an interest grew
into love, and is now an addiction.

Love Conquers All Evil is the fourth novel in the Soul Catcher series.
Mary’s urban fantasy novel, The Awakening, is scheduled for release
January 2012 from Lyrical Press.
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