Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Enter my Blogoversary "Build A Book Giveaway"-Giveaway

Happy Birthday To N.A.R.B!
The Blogoversary is officially on April 14th, but why not get a head start gifting out goodies?
The books you can possibly win!
For my blog's first birthday, I've decided to keep it small (due to limited time & resources, ect) but I felt it wouldn't be right to let the 14th come and go and not celebrate. So in honor of all these positive vibes I am feeling at reaching this milestone, I am hosting my first 'Build A Book Giveaway' Giveaway as a part of the festivities.

What in name of Lord Byron is that, you may ask? Well, I've got a few brand new books (and two, once-read, great condition books) lying about; some that just happen to hold a special meaning to me and some that are just really good but I haven't gotten to. They range in genre from historical, to paranormal, to contemporary, and YA. Since I know lots of you out there like to genre-whore yourselves out (kidding), I figured I put them all up for grabs and give one winner 5 books!

"But what if I've read one or have some in my TBR pile?"
Shut up Annie Asks-a-lot and keep on reading. The winner will receive THEIR CHOICE of 5 out of the 9 books I have available with the option to exchange one of their five picks for a kindle-version (gifted) of a book of their choosing (at a $7.99 value).

BUT WAIT! There's more!
I've also got a nice box of Twinings of London Black Tea Variety Pack (20 ct.) to throw in with the books. Get your Earls Grey on!

And Wait! there's MORE more!
AND I'll pick up either some Lindor Truffles or a nice bar of premium chocolates to throw in with that! (The brand (might have to sub with Hersey Bliss) depends on what's in stock at the store since I'll purchase right before shipping)

Wanna see them???

The picture isn't the best, but there you have it! The books up for grabs for your Build A Book Giveaway prize!

Available books:

Some oldies, but goodies- and some even have blog significants. The first book, 'Nine Rules...', was the Readers Choice Award 2010 winner on here, the second, 'The Abduction Of Julia', was the first reader recommendation I posted, 'Yours Until Dawn' was a pick inspired by the awesome Ashley March...All the books are special and are looking to find a good home!

Hopefully, a few of the availale books have skipped out on your TBR pile (naughty books) and nows your chance to get a copy. Fill out the form now! Ends 04/21/2011!
*Must be a Follower of this Blog (it is the Blogoversary)- I am not picky where, though. A simple 'like' on facebook counts- so does actually GFC following, Twitter following, and goodreads friending. Only one entry per person, so following more than one won't increase your chances.
*Must live in the US
*Not a real Must, but i'd appreciate a comment on some of the Blogoversary posts. The Makeover reveal and Memory Lane posts will be posted on the 14th- so stopping by and leaving a few words would really make my day!

Extra entry, anyone?:
Want some extra shots at winning the prize? Help spread the word about this giveaway and my blogoversary and you'll receive some extra entries in the giveaway.  Do any/all of the following and fill out the extra entries form real quick:
+1 tweet about it on twitter: you can copy/paste this:
Enter the "Build A Book Giveaway"-Giveaway for @NotAnotherRBlog 's blogoversary: http://bit.ly/dPzet4 -Win 5 books, tea, and chocolates!
+1 Put my blog link and something about the giveaway on a facebook status (you can @ link to the fan page: http://www.facebook.com/NotAnotherRomanceBlog)
+1 Put this post's direct link into your blog sidebar

Thanks again everyone! I hope the books find good homes and that the rest of y'all are as excited as I am for the next year in N.A.R.B's life!!

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