Tuesday, April 19, 2011

18 & Over couples giveaway hop changes!

Who is in for the mood for 18 and over couples giveaway hop? If your like me you like your couples as smutt as  you can get them;) So, come and join my co-host Awesome Sauce Book and I along with other 18 and over blogs for a wild weekend of couples giveaway smutt just the way we like it. 

There are some changes to the giveaway hop. I told you I would miss stuff. There are a lot of you who uses gift cards and book depositories as giveaways and that slipped my mind, so I added that to the hop.

 I would like to ask if you joined the give away hop please help spread the word either by posting on your blog or whatever means you have. Keep in mind the more that joins the more book we get to enter to win.

Click here for instruction and to enter.

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