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Book Blogger Hop April 30

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I'm on Twitter!

Hi everyone! I finally decided to start a Twitter account! You can find me here!!!

'Slightly Dangerous' by Mary Balogh -Review-

There's no 'slightly' dangerous about this book. It is a foregone conclusion that your heart will undoubtedly be in danger of falling 'head over ears' for this book! Truly a delightful book, with characters as engaging and pure as the people in your household. It's just a lovely story, and the cover is quiet adorable in its on right too!!

   If you are familiar with the Bedwyn series (or as commonly referred to, the 'Slightly Series'; because all the titles of the books have 'slightly' in them) , then you know of not only Wulfric Bedwyn, the cold as ice Duke of Bewcastle, but you know of his younger siblings. This is the final book of the 'Slightly Series' and is not only a send off of the beloved series and ties the last love-string (Wulf's), but provides a perfect opportunity to catch up with the other Bedwyn siblings!
   The book starts off quaint enough with the introduction of our heroine, Mrs. Christine Derrick. The full of laughter and sweet dispositioned Mrs.Derrick was widowed two years ago, and ever since (and really, quiet some time beforehand) she has never really strive to get back into the fold of 'proper' and 'demure' society. Some found her sunshiny personality and amiability to all walks of life a bit 'vulgar' and 'indiscreet'. Some of the ringleaders in this dislike were her own brother and sister in-law, Basil and Hermione Derrick (Viscount and Viscountess Elrick) and most cutting, her own late-husband. She was believed to be a flirt, and subsequently, her fidelity to her marriage was questioned by her inner-circle. The only one who stuck by her and believed her innocence was her cousin by marriage,Justin; who held a long tenure for her.
   After politely writing her refusal to attend a house party, which was being thrown by Lord and Lady Renable (her cousins by marriage as well, which meant Basil and Hermione would be there), she is then visited by Melanie, Lady Renable herself, and persuaded to come anyway. Melanie is in a bind because her brother invited an extra guest to the party; The Duke of Bedwyn; and therefore the numbers of female-to-male guest is uneven. Couldn't have that, could we?
   We are then given a glimpse into the laps of judgment that led the formidable Duke to accept an impromptu invitation to the house party. A universally known recluse, The Duke of Bedwyn recently laid to rest his mistress of 10 years and was feeling a bit melancholy. Loneliness prompted his decision to accept, but he immediately began to regret his rashness when a plainly-clad Christine Derrick spies his arrival from a top landing on the second floor and accidentally spills a bit of lemonade in his eye.
   Mortified, and a little more than mischievously tickled by the ordeal, Christine continues on to the primrose salon where all the other lady-guest were to arrive. She has a icy encounter with her sister in-law, Hermione, and is soon playing neutral spectator to the groups of young misses and aging English roses. She overhears and is subsequently pulled into a conversation about the presences of the Duke. As juvenile as these young misses could get, a few of the younger female guest start a wager that would benefit the first young lady in the group to snare the Dukes undivided attention for a whole hour. Christine is helplessly goaded and dragged into the wager, but has no intention of participating.
   Little does she know, her and the Dukes paths are about to become undeniably interlock with each other. A profitable opportunity presents its self as Wulfric bumps into Christine alone on the grounds and feels gentlemanly bound to escort her around for a quick stroll. They further convince themselves of pre-conceived notions of the other; that he is a no nonsense, stick in the mud, cold as ice, arrogant aristocrat and she is an irritatingly care-free, dismissive wild and fanciful female. Having already won the bet, but choosing to keep her win personal,  Christine resigns herself to the notion that the out of  the ordinary occurrence (her receiving the Duke's attentions) will most likely never happen again, and in any case she will remain invisible to him for the rest of the house party's duration.
   Fate wouldn't allow this, and after a mishap involving Christines' climbing a tree, tearing her dress, efficiently being rescued by Wulfric and a passionate kiss shared in the seclusion of a maze, Wulfric is ready to admit that he isn't as put off by Christine's person as he lets on and rashly (and quiet stupidly) offers her the 'distinct honor' of becoming his replacement mistress. Understandably aghast, Christine refuses, flees, and commits herself to the thorough disliking of the Duke of Bedwyn.
   On the last night of the house party (the ball), and presumably, the last time either of them will see each other, Wulfric asks Christine to dance. Her toes are mowed down by a male dancer with two left feet, and Wulfric efficiently swoops her up and takes her outside to compose herself. They end up waltzing under the stars and eventually 'ending' their acquaintanceship with some passionate lovemaking on the grassy bank before a lake.
   Once again, fate wouldn't allow our two to part just yet, and after a disastrous proposal of marriage 10 days later, they meet up again almost a year later at the wedding of Audrey Derrick (for whom the house party was in honor of). After a hilariously innocent incident at the Serpentine in Hyde Park, where Wulfric plays rescuer of Christine again, Wulfric returns a day later to see how she fared and ask her for a chance to prove that he isn't all that she believes him to be. He invites her and her family to his home, where his family will be congregated for the Easter holiday, and intends to prove her wrong there.
   There are some cute scenes here, revelations there, and indifferent family members are reunited and assured of the truth about Christine's nature. Suffice to say, Wulfric succeeds in his bid for Christine's heart and makes her his wife! Slowly but surly our man of ice begins to melt and warm ours hearts a thousand times over in the process!

My Favorite Part of the Book: Is hard to pick out. Although originally, it was the scene from the maze where they first kiss, the ending of the book was to satisfying not to receive this distinction. I do not want to give away all of the plot, but my favorite moment happens at the end (the last sentence to be precise). It is known throughout the book that Christine was barren (unable to conceive) through her 7 year marriage and was likely never to conceive at all. At the end, the epilogue centers around the christening of Christine and Wulfric's 'miracle baby' and ends with:"The marquess (courtesy title for Wulfric's heir) did not even know what brothers and sisters were. But he would...." period, end! (I thought I might cry!)

This book was a classic Mary Balogh for me and endearingly heart-warming. It was pretty well paced and packed a lot of action and emotion in the short time span in which the first half and second half of the book took place. There isn't much more to say about this one; it's golden!
-Read an excerpt here:'Slightly Dangerous' excerpt

Rating: 4 "Aww's"
*Also check out 'Slightly Married',  Wulfric's brother Aidan's Story, and a personal favorite! It is also the first book in the 'Slightly Series' !
read an excerpt here: 'Slightly Married' excerpt

Book Blogger Hop!

Hosted by Jennifer at Crazy-For-Books

Thanks for hopping in. We (meaning Stacey and I Laurie) read quite a few different books, but mostly Paranormal romance and erotic, but also mix with suspense, a few UF, historical's, mystery and a few contemporary. I will say whatever Stacey and I reads its romance! So look around if you like what you see your are welcome to follow if you do, please leave us a comment so we can hop over and follow you.

Thanks to Jennifer, I now follow some great book blogs and looking foward for more.

Bloodlust club

The bookstore Sherlock's, where I by some of my books, has a group called The Bloodlust Club. They meet every last Sunday in the month. I finally went this last Sunday and had loads of fun. I know you guys live to far to have the fun, but they have a facebook fan now called like page (I still don't like the like!) anyway you can join and have some fun this way. They pick a couple of books to read each month you'll find that on the discussion. If you need any help there is really nice Admins that will be glad to help.If you look under info. you'll find out next month reads.
This is what read, paranormal romance/adventures/erotica

Bloodlust club

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One Year of Romance Comic Book Goodness!

Believe it or not folks, one year ago today Sequential Crush got its start! Time sure flew by quickly sharing my love for romance comics with you all! To celebrate, I have picked out some of my favorite posts from the past twelve months. Whether you are reading them again, or looking around for the first time -- enjoy!!!

A little Easter Egg arrived at Sequential Crush last May, and so did the ever-so-fashionable belted sweater torn from the pages of real-life fashion magazines!

The bitter tale, "Tomorrow is Too Late" demonstrated the deep and sometimes sorrowful emotions contained within the romance comics -- with great art to boot!

An expose on green tights led us all to ponder the significance behind the color choice. Keep an eye out for a sequel sometime soon!

Sink your teeth into romance comics a bit more with the downloadable pdf booklets, "Forgotten Romance - Artists of a Bygone Genre" and "The Look of Love - The Romantic Era of DC's Lois Lane, Supergirl and Wonder Woman."

The 1960s and '70s romance comics were teeming with discourse of social issues such as the Women's Movement and disability awareness, stories which truly make history come alive!

We saw that romance comic book characters don't just go to fancy restaurants and lounge on yachts all day long, sometimes they actually go back to their groovy pads!

Last but not least, I had the opportunity to interview two very dynamic women -- Irene Vartanoff and Suzan Loeb! Hopefully this next year provides opportunities for more interviews with those involved with the romance comics!

The fun I have had posting on the romance comics and interacting with you readers during the past year is truly insurmountable. I sincerely hope to continue to bring the grooviest stories, artwork, and history of the 1960s and '70s romance genre to you for many years to come!!!

♥ Thank you for reading Sequential Crush!!!

"Ondine: The Summer of Shambles"

"Ondine: The Summer of Shambles"
by Ebony McKenna

Source: from Jenny at Egmont UK

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Ondine feels like a failure at psychic summer camp, so she packs up and runs away to home. In Ondine's world, the small country of Brugel, magic is accepted as a part of everyday life, so her parents are only a little surprised that she has brought home a talking ferret named Shambles. Actually, Ondine is one of the few who can actually hear Shambles talking- in an old-fashioned Scottish brogue no less! It turns out he used to be a man, but was cursed to live as a ferret. When he's not sneaking food away from the kitchen, Shambles overhears a murder plot against the duke. All sorts of chaos follow Ondine and Shambles as they try to warn and save the duke, all the while trying to lift the curse so that Shambles can be a man again.

This fantasy story was so sweet and so much fun! Ondine was spunky and Shambles was such a handful! I have to admit, I really want a talking ferret that I can wear as a stole and take everywhere with me! Shambles is so lovable as a foul mouthed ragamuffin! McKenna describes him so well that I can just see all of his shenanigans so clearly, and it's totally believable.

But you know how in "Beauty and the Beast", you were just a teensy bit disappointed when the lovable beast turned into a boring prince? (or am I the only one?) This book isn't like that at all! When Shambles is in his human form, Hamish, he's just as wonderful but in a different way. He's sweet and polite and jaw-droppingly handsome!

The author uses footnotes a lot in this story to tell about Brugel and give other insights. The footnotes were always really funny and I appreciated that McKenna was trying something unique. Sometimes, they were a little distracting, though, and I would have liked the information better if it had been in the body of the work instead.

Main Characters: 5/5
Supporting Characters: 4/5 (there was a lot of drama in Ondine's family :)

Setting: 5/5

Romance: 5/5
Uniqueness: 5/5
Cover: 5/5 (captures the story perfectly! love the silhouettes and all the fun glittery shapes)

Writing: 5/5

I love that Egmont UK is devoted to ethical publishing! From the use of sustainable papers to making sure that workers are treated fairly. Way to go!

Bottom Line:
I loved this book, especially Shambles. The story was really fun with lots of madcap action. And there was a good message underneath it all, too. Now, where can I find a talking ferret?

'Bride Of A Wicked Scotsman' by Samantha James -Review-

Very Endearing! This is a good read!

   Staring off with a prologue dating back a few generations from the books setting time (which was more of a visual 'info drop' for me), we learn of the conception, protection and subsequent robbery of the 'Circle of Light'. It is known that 'The Black Scotsman' is responsible for the thievery. The ancestors of Lady Maura O'Donnell believed the abduction of the Circle, which has always brought them happiness and prosperity before, has now brought them pain, sufferings, and all around bad luck for being neglectful in their guardian duties to it. 
   In the abruptly emotional first chapter, we look in on the curse swiftly taking yet another O'Donnell life. Lady Maura's father becomes suddenly ill and dies; coincidentally on the same day he reads of 'The Black Scotsman's arrival in Ireland and a masquerade to be held in his honor. Alec McBride received the nickname from the hordes of admiring misses, but that doesn't change the fact that he is indeed a decedent of 'The Black Scotsman'. 
   After the funeral of the Earl, Maura's father, she and the family butler (a long-time friend, and more like family) head off to a town near the Baron who is hosting the masquerade in McBrides' honor. Maura promised her father on his death-bed that she would do whatever she could to bring the Circle back to their homeland and to their people. Through some deception she feels keenly regretful for, Maura manages an invite to the party; and also secures herself a room to retire in afterward, before she 'continues on her nomad's  traveling journey'(a convenient lie). 
   Serendipitously, Maura spots the man she seeks dressed up for the masquerade exactly like her; like a pirate. After some flirtatious banter about pirates looking for booty and dancing around fires naked, Maura's plan proceeds precisely as she hopes, and she is invited into Alec's room. 
   Some hot and steamy interludes almost detract Maura's plan, but she's able to salvage all with a little trickery and well placed blood smears on the sheets. (Sorry to be so ominousness, but you will enjoy the book far more if you find out the means and mechanics to the deceit on your own.).Also according to her plan; she awakens in his bed as they are discovered by the Baron and her 'Uncle Murdoch' (the butler). Honor dictates a marriage, and so there is a marriage.   
   Reluctant at first, having no memory of taking Maura's virginity or desire to wed her, Alec follows through and can't escape the nagging feeling that he has been 'had'. They continue on to his Scotland estate and Alec inwardly vows to make Maura pay for whatever deception she has played at. In between through searches of the estate, and doing everything in her power (save beating Alec over the head with a stick) to avoid her husbands advances, Maura find herself playing a very dangerous game with her loyalties and her heart,
   Eventually, Alec puts two and two together and realizes that her never slept with Maura (ever!), but the realization comes on the heels of an incendiary, playful 'romp' on the estate grounds which leads to kisses, which leads to deflowering. Calmly angry, Alec demands the truth and is part relieved, part angered beyond comprehension with the discovery that Maura's whole motivation for wedding him was over a 'Myth'. Also revealed is the fact that Maura purchased the services of a priest stripped of his privileges of office and thus their marriage is a false one.
   Tender feelings between the two were already present before Maura's deflowering, but like a dam, once such feelings are released and explored once, they can never be reigned in, and passion soon takes precedence over everything else.
   A scary moment at the bottom of a well, the discovery of the true whereabouts of the 'Circle of Life' and Alec's unnecessary jaunt back to Ireland to fetch his 'Irish' ends the book SMASHINGLY!
Rating: 3 1/2 "Aww's"
My Favorite Part of the Book: Is how Maura comes to care for Alec. More specifically, the realization that her search for the 'Circle of Light' has changed from being for the sake of her father to being for the sake of Alec (her love). The curse of the Circle effects not only the family that failed to protect it, but the family that stole it in the first place; and having recently witness the sudden quickness with which the curse consumed her father, and hearing how it took Alec's father, Maura is heartbroken with worry. This is a thought-line that if I were writing this book, I wouldn't think of at first or maybe not at all. It really resonates somewhere and helps translate for the reader the depth of Maura's affection for Alec!

Overall, I enjoyed the book; a lot more than I thought I would, seeing as to the fact that I don't really indulge in Scottish or Irish themed romances. The dialogue lacked in certain spots and lost me a time or two during the 'Hey look, your dressed like a pirate, I am dressed like a pirate' banter. It really began to pick up as you moved along in the story, and the epilogue is just DARLING! I enjoy Sam Jam a lot and have read a few of her titles so far; while this book doesn't disappoint necessarily, it left a little to be desired (in my opinion). The ending chapters of this book and the myriad of twists in the plot have solidified my full recommendation to all you book lovers out there! 
-An excerpt from the book can be found on SamJam's website:excerpt of 'Bride of a Wicked Scotsman'

*Also check out the companion books to the McBride Trilogy series! 'The Secret Passions of Simon Blackwell', Alec's sister Anne's Story!

*And (a personal favorite) 'The Seductions of an Unknown Lady', Alec's brother Aidan's Story!

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WiP Wednesday: It's Not Stealing...'s "inspiration". ;)

I get inspired by the most random things. I don't really remember when I got the idea for Strings, the novel I'm currently whipping into querying shape. But I do remember when I first "saw" my heroine, Mara, which helped me to envision her character better while I was drafting.

It was during the movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist—which was cute, and I've heard the book is better—and there she was. I'd seen the actress before, but the character she was playing was sort of a manipulative bitch who relied on her looks.

I remember thinking: "That's her, that's Mara. That's the exact look she has on her face when she's trying to get what she wants."

Except that Mara looks like a sort of younger, shorter, darker version of Alexis Dziena, if you want to know the deets.

In other inspirational news, I watched Moulin Rouge the other day, a movie I haven't seen in a few years. Though I thought some parts were sillier than I remembered, the movie had an atmosphere that reminded me of the way I see parts of Strings.

Which made me wonder if I'm properly relating this atmosphere to the reader, if I've indeed captured the chaos and dirtiness and intrigue of both the time and place in my pages. This led me to second-guess what I'd written (as usual) even though I know that some of my strongest writing is usually related to setting and atmosphere.

Then I got started thinking about Mara again. Oddly enough, not a bit of her personality came from someone I already knew, unlike most of my other leading characters. That scene in Nick and Norah merely reinforced what I already knew about Mara, what I knew she had to be to make the story work.

Does that make her less "human"? Less real? I see her so clearly in my head (partially because of Ms. Dziena—thanks, hon!) that I just hope I'm doing justice to her on the page.

Does "stealing" traits from real people automatically make a character more three-dimensional, or is that a crutch?

Don't ask me, I haven't the foggiest idea. It's all very existential and confusing, but that's what's been occupying my thoughts for the past week. You're welcome. ;)

How much do you "steal" from life, movies, or other books that has an effect on your writing? Or do you purposely avoid certain books or movies while writing so you DON'T have any outside influences on your writing? What works for you?

Not Selling Books? Get Carded!

As an author, whether self or traditionally published, it is your responsibility to promote and market your book. I’m reminded of this because yesterday I met a wonderful lady with 9 published books (all traditionally published) who handed me not one, but three business cards; she had it covered.

When you meet someone, give them a card, When you mail a bill or letter, include a card. When you’re at the market, post one on the bulletin board. Leave your card anywhere you go. I drop at least three business cards per day somewhere!

Include on your cards, at minimum, your name and Website. DO NOT include your home address or personal phone number. For multi-published authors, I suggest, if possible, getting a separate card made for each of your books.

Think you can’t afford that many business cards? Just pay a small shipping fee and get 250 cards made FREE at Vista Print online. CLICK HERE to get started. Remember, book sales are your responsibility. No action, no sales!

Get your book Website or Blog seen by signing up for Blog Jog Day at

Review Addicted by Charlotte Featherstone

Author Charlotte Featherstone
Erotic trade Historical romance 443pgs
Authors website

Book description
Friends since childhood, Anais Darnby and Lindsay Markham have long harbored a secret passion for one another. When they finally confess their love, their future together seems assured, sealed with their searing embrace.
But when a debauched Lindsay is seduced by a scheming socialite, a devastated Anais seeks refuge in another man's bed while Lindsay retreats to the exotic East. There, he is seduced again—this time by the alluring red smoke and sinister beauty of opium.

Back home, Lindsay's addiction is fed by the vogue for all things Oriental—especially its sensual pleasures—in fashionable London society. In his lucid moments, Lindsay still lusts after Anais, who can neither allow him near nor forget his smoldering touch. Tortured by two obsessions—opium and Anais—Lindsay must ultimately decide which is the one he truly cannot live without.

Laurie's review


Well I don’t really know how to go about this review. I will have to say this book is very well written, so just because I didn’t find it good you may. If you like having to use a whole box of tissues during the biggest part of the book, betrayals, hardships and scandals put this one on top of you list.

This book just didn’t hit my taste big time. I heard this was an emotional ride, but it's just one emotion, SAD!! So make sure you have a big box of tissues because you may just use all of them!! There was nothing I found funny or happy until the Epilogue then I read some happiness. Before I start I would like to make clear Anais is the female and Lindsay is the male. I had a hard time in the first chapter trying to keep straight who was female and male so I wanted to mention it for you.
Both Anais and Lindsay got on my nerves. Anais just didn’t want to hear anything from Lindsay after she found him having sex with Rebecca. The whole book just goes on and on with there on again, off again relationship and all they had to do was learn forgiveness or communication. Not once did either one of them stop to listen to the other. Anais avoids Lindsay who runs off looking for her and finds Opium to get high on instead. Then he just loses himself in it. When they do find each other again, and that’s when her house caught on fire and they lose it, they don’t even talk about what Lindsay did; they just have sex. Then it become’s sex while he is high on opium (Sexy isn’t it? Not for me). The next thing you know, he finds out what she has done to him and I admit it was really bad (he goes even deeper into the Opium here), but she didn’t even tell him the real truth of what actually happened (again communication please!). I mean get real just admit what you’ve done and get on with it, but no not these two! This is the whole book.
The person I felt the most sorry for was their best friend, Garrett, he was stuck in the middle between Anais and Lindsay. I found that Anais was even using him. She wouldn’t commit to marring him, but she had no problem stringing him along. The girl didn’t have a brain, that’s all I can say.

I just found Lindsay a coward. Plus I had one big problem with Lindsay, he could have sex with other women, but let him think about Anais having sex with anyone else like Garrett, (not that she did but that’s not the point) he couldn’t except that, well to me that’s a hypocrite. Anais is a ditz and they both messed up a year or more of their lives just because of their lack of communication or forgiveness.

One thing I do know was neither one of them even thought about a baby when they started having sex. I mean isn’t that one thing we think of when we have unprotected sex? So that didn’t seem real to me. I thought they would have thought of that one. Now for another matter Anais is on the bigger size, well in these times most women were, there was not to many skinny models to go by then, so her weight issue was not real to me either. I really could go on and on about how bad this book rubbed me wrong and how sad it really was, but I have already wasted to much time now just reading the book. Just make sure you read both good and bad reviews before buying this book

Cant believe I hated it right? Neither can I, but somethings just rub me wrong lol.

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Miss Potter Returns!

And now, a brief word from Sequential Crush's favorite Brit -- Penelope Potter!

"The Hint!"
Secret Hearts #149 (January 1971)

Waiting on Wednesday (21)

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine, and it is a way to show off the books you can't wait to be released!!

This week I chose:

by Sophie Jordan
Harper Teen
Release Date: Sep 7, 2010

The following description is from

With her rare ability to breathe fire, Jacinda is special even among the draki—the descendants of dragons who can shift between human and dragon forms. But when Jacinda’s rebelliousness leads her family to flee into the human world, she struggles to adapt, even as her draki spirit fades. The one thing that revives it is Will, whose family hunts her kind. Jacinda can’t resist getting closer to him, even though she knows she’s risking not only her life but the draki’s most closely guarded secret.

What makes me really excited for this book is that Sophie Jordan is one of my favorite historical romance authors! When I saw that she had written a paranormal YA novel, I knew I had to read it! I love dragon shapeshifters, too, and what a cover!!

What are you waiting for this week???

"Fragments" Marilyn Monroe's Writings Released this Fall

Exciting book news today! Never before seen personal writings and correspondence from Marilyn Monroe will be released as a book this fall by publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The book will be titled "Fragments" and will contain various writings from Marilyn herself from 1943 to her death in 1962. Expect diary entries, letters, and thoughts jotted down on paper.

This is really exciting to me because I think Marilyn was such a complex person, and she was so different than the image she worked so hard to portray. A part of me thinks that its an invasion of privacy-did she really want her personal writings released? But the part of me that is a fan really wants to know more about her life so I can understand her better.

Please see the following links for more details on the story:

Review of The Hollow (Sign of Seven trilogy #2)

Authors web site:

Ronda Tutt's Review
Paranormal Romance

Another great enjoyable read, my excitement grew as I read this book because of all the close calls on their lives, the suspense of how Fox and Layla's romance was going to play out kept me turning the page to find out. After reading the first book in this trilogy and now this second one, I know I will keep this trilogy on my shelves so I can indulge into them again.

One more step is made in finding away to stop the evil madness that happens every 7 years for 7 days. The demon is getting stronger and stronger to the point where he is attacking the six in the group at one time. The demon is using their greatest fears against them in hopes of killing them off one by one or them killing each other. But with the strength of their friendship and love, the demon is loosing the battle.

The romance between Fox and Layla grows through out the story and in the end they finally commit to each other their love when she decides to take Fox's advice and open up her own boutique for women and share her life with Fox.

The six, Caleb, Quinn, Fox, Layla, Cybil, and Gage figure out how to get the blood stone back together by holding a ritual at the pagan stone at midnight with the full moon. They circled the Pagan stone with salt to protect themselves from the evil forces, then they poured water into a bowl with the herbs Cybil looked up to use in rituals and then they lit 7 candals and while chanting their ritual words, they used calebs boy scout knife, the one he used with his friends back when they first did their pact and one by one they cut their hands and dropped the blood into the bowl repeating their pact.

The forces around the Pagan stone got stronger and fire burst all around them where they had no place to go and it looked like their end but the ritual works and the fire dies and with everyones shock, the blood stone is whole, glowing like it is full of life and power. Now they have a weapon that can destroy the demon, however, now they have to figure out how to use the weapon.

The third and last book in this trilogy is called "The Pagan Stone" where we find out how they defeat the demon or do they? Now there are two couples in the group of six, will Gage and Cybil end up as a couple? I guess I'll find out when I read the next book.
Book description
In the small village of Hawkins Hollow, three best friends who share the same birthday sneak off into the woods for a sleepover the evening before turning 10. But a night of pre-pubescent celebration turns into a night of horror as their blood brother oath unleashes a three-hundred year curse.

Twenty-one years later, Fox O'Dell and his friends have seen their town plagued by a week of unexplainable evil events two more times - every seven years. With the clock winding down on the third set of seven years, someone else has taken an interest in the town's folklore.

A boutique manager from New York, Layla Darnell was drawn to Hawkins Hollow for reasons she can't explain - but the recent attacks on her life make it clear that it is personal. And though Fox tries to keep his professional distance, his interests in Layla have become personal too.

Lorie O'Clare sells Strong, Sleek and Sinful on ebay for her HEA fundraiser

I wanted to let everyone know Lorie is selling her new book Strong, Sleek and Sinful on ebay. all proceeds goes to HEA if your not familiar with HEA check here to read more about it.

click here for the ebay listing

Blogmania giveaway is complete for our blog

Ok, so I have everything together thanks to Lorie for sending the books so quick plus a few extra items. Some winner on April 30th will get all three autographed FBI books form Lorie. Lorie also send some flayers and book marks one book mark has quite a few erotic authors signatures form Ellora Cave. I also have three new suspense books and a couple of my bookmarks and last a dragon book cover this will cover the mass paperback.

This is in side the Nuworld flyer

My Literature Classes

It all started from my favorite poem entitled AN OBSTACLE by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, then my (present) students labeled me as "a woman movement fighter". LOL.

Annually, every even semester I have two classes in one private university in Semarang: Poetry Analysis and Drama Analysis. As an acclaimed feminist, one can guess that I will choose some materials related to women in the two classes. Besides "An Obstacle", I discussed "Reassurance", which was also written by Gilman. I chose it when in the class discussing 'some poems written by the same poet' to recognize the presence of the poet in his/her works. For those who study Gilman's works, they will easily recognize that all of her works represent her ideas as one 'heroine' for equality, be it poems, articles, or short stories.

Gilman lived in an era (1860-1935) where many American women struggled for suffrage. Nevertheless, Gilman never involved herself in such a struggle because she believed that to make women equal with men, having rights to vote in general election was not enough. She opined that women had to get equal rights to work outside the home, as well as to bear their own name, instead of just known as Mrs. X.

To commemorate Kartini Day on April 21 (FYI, Kartini was chosen by Soeharto New Order regime as a heroine for her struggle to give women equal chance to pursue education) I chose two other poems to be discussed in Poetry Analysis class, "Dedication of the Cook" by Anna Wickham, a British poet, and "Women of My Color" by Wanda Coleman, an African American poet. The two poems illustrate different problems women face. Wickham questioned whether women could have their private time to do what they wanted – such as to “indite an ode or mend a sonnet”, to be a great poet – and not troubled by household chores. Meanwhile, Coleman described the unfavorable condition to be born as a black woman. It is obviously stated that African American women had to liberate themselves first from any stereotypes addressed to them, then they could join the white women’s struggle for equality with men.

In Drama Analysis class, I chose TRIFLES by Susan Glaspell. Although this play was written around a century ago, Glaspell sharply chose a topic that is still up-to-date nowadays. She narrated the way men viewed women, bothering ‘trivial’ things too much so that they were not as alert as men, while in fact, from those ‘trifles’ the two women in the play even successfully discovered the background why Minnie Foster murdered her husband.

One very favorable thing for me to teach literature classes: I choose any literary work through which I can expose my feminist perspective, to ‘awaken’ my students from the latent danger of patriarchal culture. :)

PBIS 10.40 270410

My analysis on 'An Obstacle' is at

My analysis on "Women of my Color" is at

My analysis on "Reassurance" is at

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Inteview and book giveaway with author Patti O' shea, action paranormal romance

I want to introduce you to award winning, paranormal action romance author Patti O'shea. After reading her In the Darkest Night, I just had to ask Patti for an interview, so you can have a better look at Patti and her books. Patti has her bio on her website please if you have a chance read it.

BbPNR-Can you tell those of us who aren't familiar with your Light Warriors, a little about the series?

Patti-The Light Warriors series is about a society of magic users (the Gineal) who live among humans and protect them (and others) from magical threats. Sometimes it's a demon, sometimes it's magic users from other dimensions, and sometimes it's their own people who embrace the dark forces and turn evil. Each book follows a different couple and a different villain (or villains).

BbPNR-How much research do you have to do when writing your magical series, Light Warriors?

Patti-It's depended on the book. All of them required research, but some more than others. For example, EDGE OF DAWN has a heroine who's a glass artist and a hero who restores classic cars--two subjects about which I knew nothing. The hero was also into hiking in the mountains--more research--and I needed to learn about dragons, too. IN THE DARKEST NIGHT on the other hand primarily needed minor points verified, although I did have to read up on PTSD for Kel.

BbPNR-How hard it is to keep the action going with all the magic in this series?

Patti-This is another interesting balancing act. The thing that intrigues me most in a story is the interaction between the hero and heroine and I can lose sight of everything else. To help keep me on track and keep the action and suspense going, I sit down at the end of each chapter and make a list of goals for the next one. If my previous goals were all relationship related, I'll make sure some plot goals get listed for the upcoming scene or vice versa.

BbPNR-Who was the hardest character to write in this series?

Patti-I think the hardest to write was Creed Blackwood from IN TWILIGHT'S SHADOW. Not only did I have to deal with his attitude, but I also had to balance what he believed was happening to him, what others thought was happening, and what was really going on with him. There was a lot to keep track of since I had three point of view characters in the book and each believed/knew something different at various points throughout the story.

BbPNR-Out of all of your books do you have a favorite character?

Patti-This is tough because I love all my heroes and heroines; I couldn't spend months writing them if I didn't. J My favorite characters, though, are generally from the last book I've finished because enough time has passed that I've forgotten how much grief they've given me. Right now, Kel Andrews from IN THE DARKEST NIGHT would be my choice. From the moment he first appeared in his brother's story, he grabbed me and wouldn't let go. He suffered so much, went through so much, and he still wanted to take care of others even though he felt he could barely take care of himself.

BbPNR-Do you already know how many books you have planned for this series?

Patti-When I originally proposed the series, it was only going to be two books, but after IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR and IN TWILIGHT'S SHADOW, new characters showed up. I'd barely started EDGE OF DAWN when Kel made an appearance to help his brother and I knew he had a story as well. That's how IN THE DARKEST NIGHT came to be. So the series is open ended at this point, but I'm working on other projects right now to give my imagination something new to do.

BbPNR-Do you have anything else new coming out this year?

Patti-I have a short story from Nocturne Bites called DEMON KISSED coming out May 1st. The heroine is a demon slayer who's had a price put on her head after being convicted of murder by the demons. The hero shows up to help her, and together, they work to keep her alive. Not easy when she has an executioner as well as demon bounty hunters after her. Short stories are a lot of fun to write and I particularly enjoyed this one, maybe because Bree is casually tough and Andras appreciated that about her.

BbPNR-Is there a reason you chose to write paranormal action romance?

Patti-I generally get my ideas by who the characters are that show up in my head and so far the vast majority of them have been part of something paranormal. Also, I've always loved to read paranormal and futuristic romance and sought it out even when it was really hard to find, so I guess it's not too surprising that these are the kinds of stories that pop into my head.

The action part is pretty natural for me, too. I love movies like SPEED and THE TERMINATOR, and when I choose a film to watch, my first choice is almost always in this genre. Plus, those characters who show up and talk to me always seem to be in some kind of trouble. I never get people falling in love via a nice, normal relationship. J No, mine are being hunted by demons, chased by unknown magical beings, or trying to stop someone who's fallen into dark magic.

BbPNR-What do you enjoy most in writing paranormal?

Patti-I think my favorite part about paranormal is that I can create a society or a world that shapes my heroes and heroines in ways that the real world can't. I can also put them into situations that test aspects of their personalities in ways non-paranormal stories can't. Torturing the characters is one of the best parts of writing and this gives me incredible options. There's more stress being on the run from a magical being who can appear anywhere, any time and catch the hero and heroine unaware than from a human killer who can be defeated by human methods.

BbPNR-Can you tell us a little about what you are working on next?

Patti-I have a proposal out now that has a lighter paranormal element than what I usually write. It's basically two normal people who are stuck in an unusual situation by a magic spell done by someone else (neither of them can do magic), and at the same time, a human threat is complicating everything for the hero and heroine.

Also on the To Write List are a couple of darker paranormals with a lot more world building and I'd like to do more short stories set in the same world as DEMON KISSED. I have notes everywhere right now. J I've started color-coding with Post-it flags to keep it all straight.

BbPNR-Can you tell us what is in your TBR pile?

Patti-My TBR pile is a scary place because I don't have much reading time since I started writing. This doesn't stop me from picking up more, of course. J The books waiting for me include paranormal romance, urban fantasy, contemporary romance, futuristic romance, and romantic suspense. I also have non-fiction and writing books to get to as well, and some research books for an idea I'd like to work on soon.

Thank you so much Patti!

Here is Patti's website check it out.

Now for the giveaway. Patti has generously agreed to giveaway, In The Midnight Hour. This is the first book in her Light Warriors series. I will leave the giveaway up until April 29. so make sure you comment below with your email.
US resdents ony
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My First Romance [novel]

My story. Your story. Their story. Our Story! Blogs bring people of a common interest, purpose or preference together in one place. The bond that connects me with all of you is my addiction to romance novels. But Julia Quinn didn't just knock on my door and say "Here, fall in love with my Bridgerton series.". SO how did it all come about? I know I have my story and I will attempt to paraphrase it, but what about you. Have you ever thought of how you got to this point? Of hitting old ladies over the heads with umbrellas at Barnes and nobles to get the last copy of 'Gentle Rouge' by Johanna Lindsey? Well we all have our beginning (and in the comments below, feel free to share yours). Here's mine.

   I will admit to a certain hate-loath relationship with books from pre-adolescents on. Literally, I NEVER read a book for leisure, let alone a 23 chapter novel with words like 'beget' and 'beleaguer' and a score of other 'be-'s in them. T.V was a sanctuary and my Sony Viao was my chapel. So how did I get to the point of leaving my local libraries with stacks of 5 or more books every other week?
  Well, the beginnings began to form with a sale at K-mart. For 30 bucks I could purchase a box set of the Harry Potter books. The first five years; are you kidding me? Before I cracked the spine, I just saw a deal/steal. But After...... it was something more.
   But to be honest, I didn't really read any of them. I just got them to have them and because I enjoyed the movies so much. But me being the stickler that I am, I had to complete the set. So I purchased Half-Blood Prince about 2 years after and THAT really got the key in the ignition. After finishing that one, I naturally had to read the last one. It took me about 3 months to finish each (I would read a page here and chapter there).
   Fast forward to the start of my Senior year and this is where my story really picks up. A September assignment I thought I would hate; read a whole chapter book within the month; proved to spark the accelerator my literary vehicle always seemed to lack. (Are the analogies pissing you off yet!?)
A longer story short; I opened the book during 7th period that day and finished it by 11pm that night. The book was called 'Snitch' by Allison Van Diepen, and was the first book I finished in a day that literally blew me away! (jeez, now I am rhyming?)
  After seeing how enraptured a simple book could make me, I wanted to see if that interest could be re-lit and maintained. After some online perusal; for what I didn't exactly know; I narrowed down my search to an English-Regency Romance category (at an early age I had a fascination with England I couldn't explain and for some reason I never out grew it). Tasha Alexander's titles held my interest and I soon found myself visiting the library down the street from my house and walking away with (my first library card and) 'And only to Deceive' by Tasha Alexander.
    Subsequently, it took a few days to find my groove, but I ended up finishing the book within the week and visiting another library to check out 'Mine till Midnight' by Lisa Kleypas and 'A Rouge of My Own' by Johanna Lindsey.
    The rest is history and here we are; months later and at least a hundred books read and returned.

Will this addiction ever abate? Probably not, because there are thousands upon thousands of novels and authors I have yet to discover....but at least, now you see where it began for me.

Until Next Post <3........

I am But Only A Mere Human!!!!!!

Hello my lovelies,
My apologies for my inferior breeding. I am only human, and thus, can't show this blog the 24/7 attention I would like. But a girls' gotta eat!! (and sleep, and read romances to review, and pass calculus...and occasionally refill that bubble bath!). But in all seriousness, I would love to post something new everyday and add more and more content, so that whenever your whims influence you, you can click on this page and read something fresh and new. I hate the blogs that are so good, but take super long to add new content. Realizing I have more of a life than I thought I did, I can truly sympathize now. No worries. I will work my hardest to bring you your regular dose of 'the freshness' and keep you entertained!!!

and just because I had to do it: " ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?!"

working on a few new post and the Sunday updating of 'Recommendation of the week'..... hmmm, what should I suggested this time.....

Donna Grant Forbidden Highlander giveaway

Donna Grant Forbidden Highlander giveaway. If you want a chance for this book click here. Me I cant wait for this book, I loved the first book Dangerous Highlander.

In My Mailbox (20)

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren, and is a way for everyone to show their new books for the week, including those bought, swapped, won, or received for review.

I received these books from the publisher:

"Ravished by a Highlander" by Paula Quinn.

Check back next Sunday, May 2 for my stop on the blog tour. I will be posting my review and a giveaway for 5 copies of the book!! Thanks, Hachette!

"Put on Your Crown" by Queen Latifah:
thanks to Hachette

"Daughters of Fortune" by Tara Hyland:
thanks to Simon and Schuster, UK and Bookalicious Ramblings

"A Touch of Scandal" by Jennifer Haymore
thanks, Hachette!
Everyone please send positive thoughts and prayers Jennifer's way as she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

"An Earl to Enchant" by Amelia Grey
thanks to Sourcebooks and Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

"Beautiful People" by Wendy Holden
thanks to Danielle at Sourcebooks!

What did you receive in your mailbox this week??