Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review Beaudy's Ghost by Carolan Ivey

Beaudy's Ghost
Author Carolan Ivey
Erotic trade 180pgs
Paranormal- Ghost
Authors website

Book Description:
His legendary spirit is restless for revenge. But the touch of one woman could change his mindand his destiny. When Jared Beaudry's restless spirit stumbles across a re-enactment of the Civil War battle in which he was murdered and mutilated, he jumps at the chance to find peace at last. Instead, his desperate leap into another man's body triggers a deadly chain of events nothing can stop. Faced with an entire re-enacting unit possessed by spirits of the dead, psychic sensitive Taylor Brannon's first instinct is to run. But she swallows her terror and stands her ground to protect her friends from a ghost who seems hell-bent on revenge and self-destruction. Jared's powerful spirit touches her in the most deeply guarded depths of her heart, and after one burning night in his arms, Taylor adds another impossible task to her list: To somehow help Beaudry's Ghost find peace. Taylor finds herself fighting for the lifeand loveof a ghost. The cost could be her soul.

Laurie's review
rating 4/5
Sexual mild for erotic

If your looking for a smutty erotic book you wont find it with this book. What you will find is a great story about a ghost finding happiness after many years and one woman that also finds happiness after what pain her gift gives her and the lost of her brother. If you like a little history mixed with your romance you will like this book. I love history, so this one worked out for me. This story has romance, bloody battle scenes, people getting possessed by ghost, a mystery, and a few more spirits left for more books.

Taylor still is miserable about her brother passing away, so she goes to a Civil war re-enactment and there she finds the whole re-enactment taking over by ghost it takes her a bit to figure it out, but when she does she also finds one solder Jared touches her in a way that she can’t get a way from no matter what she has to go through she will do it for him. Jared has a horrible time in the Civil war it has been told he was a coward and was shot in the back but that’s not what happens, so he sees a chance for revenge to possess a body and take out the one who put him to his death so many years ago.

This book was very different for me to read, it took me a little bit to figure out who was who, once I did I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see what was going to happen next.

Here is the book order
1.Beaudry’s Ghost
2.A Ghost of a Chance

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