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New Month, New Material: December 2010

Happy December~*~Happy Holidays!!
Oh, gee! December's here! It's almost Christmas time. And then New Years Eve (a.k.a The night I shall have trouble remembering)
This will be a BIG month for the blog! Our first Christmas, YAY! A change in the calendar page. Another super cool event! What can I say!?
For this month, I want to do something a bit different. I'll still get out some reviews, but I want to concentrate on special interest posts. I've got some cool tips to add that special touch to your holiday festivities.(And let's not mention the army of authors and giveaways that you'll see popping up each day!)
I am also going to ATTEMPT to have a little award ceremony at the end of the year, picking out my favorite reads, my choice for best covers, blurbs, excerpts, websites, whatever else I can think of that's romance centric, and also hold the first poll on the blog. READER'S CHOICE AWARD will only be as successful as you guys make it! Please check out the Christmas Party's announcement post later on today for more info on how you can become a part of all the fun!
I also want to thank the new followers of the blog for choosing to become a part of the family ;). And BIG news: super excited to say the Facebook Fan Page for the blog has reached and surpassed the 500 'likes' milestone. So awesome! Also, as ever, thanks to the twerps who have followed the twitter account (no offense)! And of course, a special shout out to the continued patronage of those 'old school followers' who have been with me through it all. My thanks will always lie with you!

The month may change, but the mission stays the same: To make your followership of Not Another Romance Blog worthwhile!

Here's some of what to expect this month:
-The Blog's First Christmas!
-Event: Deck the Halls: A Christmas Blog Party
-New, seasonal graphics
-First reader poll (The Reader's Choice for Best Romance of 2010)
-*Christmas Eve giveaway chat on Facebook
-Daily Recipes, Stocking Stuffers, Gift Ideas, and other holiday suggestion posts
-Rita's Favorite Read
...And so much more...

I look forward to the month of December and the amazing events I have planned for you guys. Hope to se you throughout the month!

Until Next Post<3...

Review: Seducing The Vampire by Michele Hauf

Seducing The Vampire
Michele Hauf

Paranormal Romance
Net Galley
He was mesmerizing, a vampire like none other...but the fire between Viviane LaMourette and Rhys Hawkes would begin a centuries-long clash between two powerful vampire brothers.

In Marie Antoinette's Paris, the beautiful vampire Viviane seeks a male patron who will allow her to live on her own terms. Courted by two feuding brothers, Viviane succumb to the handsome rebel, Rhys. She's unaware that Rhys has other, darker, motives. He seeks vengeance against his brother, Constantine—by stealing Viviane and tainting her with his blood.

But just as Rhys is realizing the depth of his love for Viviane, his brother takes his revenge. By casting a spell on the woman they both desire, he condemns her to a living death inside a glass coffin.

Two centuries later, Rhys hears the urban legend of the Vampire Snow White, imprisoned deep in the tunnels under Paris. He must find her and set her free, but will he be able to save her from the evil still intent on destroying them?






Absolutely Wonderful!

Viviane LaMourette (Vampire) is courted by two feuding brothers Rhys Hawkes (Vampire/were-wolf) and Constantine (full blooded Vampire). Both brother’s constantly wanting vengeance against each other and this time around it is Rhys turn for vengeance by stealing Constantine’s one love Viviane and tainting her with his blood. However, plans don’t work out as Rhys finds himself falling in love with this beautiful pure blood Vampire.

Viviane is a free spirit and doesn’t want to be controlled by anyone but her patron that she is bonded to along with his wife is killed and now she finds herself needing a new patron. Constantine believes he is the perfect Vampire for her but not just because he desires her but because of her pure blood tribal blood that will maintain his status within his tribe and position on the council.

The story heats up when Rhys and Viviane finally give in to their love for each other and Constantine’s jealousy drives him mad and does the most unthinkable thing imaginable. For revenge against his brother Rhys and against Vivian for her disloyalty, he has a warlock (Grim) cast a spell on her to condemn her to a living death inside a glass coffin where she can see and hear everything but her body remains frozen with no movement.

The story absolutely captivated me and I found myself addicted wanting to find out if Rhys finds his lover Vivian and if he retaliates against his brother or if Vivian somehow escapes and comes back to kill Constantine or Grim the warlock. This is a must read story, so many things happen and I loved the ending with the twin baby boys (Vaillant & Trystan) and the Fairy Cressida.

I have to say that I enjoyed this deep read paranormal romance and was happy it had were-wolves, Fairy, and that the time period started out in the 18th century and ended in the 21st century - it is not a fast page turner because you don’t want to miss anything that happens between each paragraph.

I look forward to read the next book in the series “Forever Vampire” in May 2011.


Review and Giveaway! "Sundays at Tiffany's"

To celebrate the premiere of the Lifetime Original Movie "Sundays at Tiffany's" on Dec. 6th, I have a giveaway of the book that inspired the movie- "Sundays at Tiffany's" by James Patterson! I read this book last year, and loved it.

Here is my review, originally posted last year:

"Sundays at Tiffany's"
by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnett

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I thought "Sundays at Tiffany's" was a very sweet romance. The story itself is very simple and uncomplicated. I can easily see this book being made into a movie.

8 year old Jane Margaux feels like she doesn't live up to her extravagant mother's expectations. Vivienne, her successful broadway producer mother pays little attention to Jane, except for their weekly trip to Tiffany's every Sunday. Jane spends most of her time with the only person she can really depend on in her life, her imaginary friend, Michael. Michael always knows the right thing to say to cheer her up and build up her self esteem. He's always there for her when she needs him no matter what. But unfortunately, imaginary friends don't last forever and Jane loses the one person she counts on the most.

Twenty-three years later, Jane is still under her mother's rule and is in a miserable relationship with a man who cares more about her Broadway connections than about her. Jane and Michael find themselves miraculously crossing paths again, and are faced with many new choices and questions about themselves and each other.

The story and writing style are simplistic but the story itself is so sweet, it doesn't really need filler to make the story longer. This is a fantasy story in a way, but Michael's job as an imaginary friend is explained well and wasn't hard for me to believe. I found it a little odd that Jane's chapters were told in 1st person and Michael's were told in 3rd person, but I got used to it quickly. It wasn't hard to understand, but I did wonder why the author wrote the book this way.

Michael was pretty much flawless, so he really wasn't realistic at all. But I was viewing this novel as a fantasy anyway, so it didn't bother me that he was too good to be true. Jane was very much a pushover but still likable. It was fun to see her become stronger as she built her self esteem with Michael's help.

I thought this book was very innocent and refreshing and I will probably read more in this genre by Patterson.

The movie:

The movie version of the book premieres on Lifetime at 9pm on Monday, Dec 6. While I was reading the book last year, I thought it would be great as a movie, and now's our chance to see it! You can find more info on MyLifetime.

Hachette has generously provided a copy of the movie tie-in paperback version of the book for one lucky reader of my blog!

All you have to do is follow my blog publicly and leave a comment on this post with your email address!

Please follow publicly or I can't tell that you are following :) Also, if you aren't comfortable leaving your email here, go ahead and leave a comment and then send me an email with your email addy.

Extra Entries:
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  • Ends Wed Dec. 15
Thanks to everyone for entering! Good luck!

Teaser Tuesday (16)

Yay for "Teaser Tuesday" from MizB of Should be Reading!!

Teaser Tuesdays
is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

My teaser Tuesday pick:

" My heart leaped into my throat. I tried to stuff it back down behind my ribs where it belonged.

p 181 "Secondhand Charm" by Julie Berry

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following: Grab your current read.
Let the book fall open to a random page.

Share with us two (2) sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.
You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!

An Everlasting Bite by Stacey Kennedy

The wolf way was so stupid at times. There was not getting out of this. “So, you

have to get me something and that will make you happy. Is that what I am hearing?”

He nodded.

She pondered that, so much to choose. What could get him off her back? Only after a
moment or so, she knew, and thrilled with the idea. “I’ll take a Hunka Chunka Burnin’
Fudge sundae from Coldstone Creamery.”

His eyes widened. If she’d mistaken his appalled look before, she couldn’t have now. “You want a sundae for saving my mate’s life?”

Review Eternal Prey by Nina Bangs

Eternal Prey (Gods of the Night #3)
Nina Bangs
release date Dec.28th
Paranormal romance- Dinosaurs shape-shifters
Mass paperback 384pgs
Authors website

The souls of ancient predators crouch within the Eleven. Primal instincts and barely contained savagery drive them. But in a modern world threatened with chaos and darkness, they are…Gods of the Night.

Utah knows all about vengeance. Vampires killed his brother, and that act demands only one response. He frees his beast and destroys every bloodsucker he finds. But he never expected to meet a leader of his immortal enemies who was so beautiful, bewitching…and mortal.

Lia understands her destiny. She has a duty to stop the rogue vampires who are intent on wiping out the human race along with any nonhumans that get in their way. But she needs help dealing with the shadowy power guiding the escalating slaughter. Utah would be her last choice for a partner. Once a deadly foe, he now becomes her ally and protector. Loving him will be more dangerous than anything she’s ever done. Because when Utah releases his soul, the ultimate predator will once again stalk the earth, and death will walk with him.

My review

 Danger has never been so sexy, come and read a twist in the shape-shifting world and meet some hot dinosaurs. I felt this book was way better than the first two. Nina Bangs creativity for the end of this world Mayan prophecy is just outstanding on how she brings everything together, I just can’t wait for the big finish. I found this one to be an emotional ride with all emotions present. You meet a few new characters the most important is Kione he is a prince of the faes.

This book was so emotional. I will have to warn anyone who is not tolerate  of the mentioning of m/m rape, but if you can please try. I found myself crying at a few points and let me tell you that’s hard to do I’m not a normal crier period.  Anyway there is two scenes in here that I just lost it. One is when Fin is taking in Kione’s pain and Utah and Lia steps in to help. The other is when  Kione is sharing his past, it was just horrible.  Its always nice to read when others step in to help no matter what happens.

Lia and her mother was in the second book. As you know Lia is a human at least for now and she is set out to take down Utah for killing so many vampires. She became his driver. The first thing she told Utah was to “pull over, you prehistoric jerk.” Lia was fun to read. I found her strong or soft when needed. She sure was witty and full of sarcasm when needed.

Utah is a Utahraptor. As you read in book two he lost his brother and these type raptors run in a pack, so he is now on a killing spree and wants nothing more than kill all vampires. Will he kill the one woman that is destined to be a vampire? It’s a sexy ride to find out.

This series is best to be read in order, but can be standalone.
1. Eternal Pleasure
2.Eternal Craving
3.Eternal Pray

This book receives Top Bite award

Monday, November 29, 2010

Coffee Shop Conversations: Q&A and a Giveaway with author Kathryn Caskie

   Hello all you fabulous Dames, and welcome to Coffee Shop Conversations! On this segment of the blog I will be conducting interviews with Authors, Bloggers and anyone else relative to the literary world and willing to answer my questions. Coffee Shops are great places to just relax, let the hair down and talk about life, love and good books! So without further adieu, let's get to chatting with my special guest:

Author Kathryn Caskie

"Kathryn Caskie has long been a devotee of history and things of old. So it came as no surprise to her family when she took a career detour off the online super highway and began writing historical romances full time.
With a background in marketing, advertising and journalism, she has written professionally for television, radio, magazines and newspapers.
Kathryn lives in a 200-year-old Quaker home nestled in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with her family, her greatest source of inspiration."sourced from author's bio page

Kathryn Caskie on the web: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Kathryn's Latest Release:

'The Duke's Night Of Sin'
(available Nov. 30th 2010)

"A sin he cannot forget
The Duke of Exeter knows it's time to find a bride, and he's determined to locate the passionate minx who enticed him in a pitch-black library. But how can you find someone you've never really seen? Then, while supervising his young ward's education, he is irresistibly attracted to her exquisite new teacher. He keeps wondering if they've met somewhere before, never suspecting she's the woman he's never forgotten after his one night of sin.
A wicked secret
As a beloved instructress at an exclusive school for young ladies, Lady Siusan Sinclair is a model of deportment. But no one knows her secret - that she fled London for Bath, her reputation on the verge of tatters, her fortune lost. Still, no matter how hard she tries, she can't forget the knee-weakening kiss of the man who led her astray . . . "
[Read an excerpt: here]

Get Your Copy Today:
RJ: Hey Kathryn! Thanks so much for stopping by for a little chat. Firstly, congratulations on your new book, 'The Duke's Night Of Sin', in stores as of 11.30.2010! What have the past few months been like; with finishing the book and anticipating it's release? What have you experienced emotionally as well as professionally with the completion of this new book?
KC: The Duke’s Night of Sin is my tenth published novel, so you would think I wouldn’t be excited when my publisher sends a few copies hot off the press, but it’s like Christmas.  And then, when I get to walk into stores and actually see the book on the shelves, I feel positively giddy.  It feels exactly the same as when my first book was published.  Like getting to experience that “first kiss” again and again.

RJ: Why don't you tell me and the readers a little bit about 'The Duke's Night Of Sin' from the author's point of view?

Lazy Kitty ;)

KC:  I was a little nervous when I started writing The Duke’s Night of Sin, because the sin to be explored was sloth.  I worried that readers might not be sympathetic toward a lazy heroine and I knew I would have to dig deep to develop a character readers would care about. But Lady Siusan Sinclair had already been featured in the first two books in the series, To Sin With a Stranger and The Most Wicked of Sins.  I realized that even if someone reading The Duke’s Night of Sin hadn’t read the previous books, I knew Siusan very well already and knew how much she cared for her family, how much she would sacrifice for them.  I knew her good qualities outweighed her bad, I just needed to write a compelling enough story for readers to be willing to stick with Lazy Siusan until they cared.
RJ: Where did the inspirations for your plot, characters and setting come from?
KC: When I began writing the book, all I really knew was that Siusan’s sin was sloth, and that being the daughter of a duke, she wasn’t used to working.  Everything was done for her, that is, until her father, disgusted with his children’s scandalous antics, cuts them off and sends them from Scotland to London to redeem themselves and become worthy of the Sinclair name.  I’ve visited Scotland and London a number of times, but my research books are my friends.  When I research, I come across facts that will ultimately shape the story.  Happens with every book. For instance, the book is set in 1816, also known as the Year Without a Summer.  A year before, a huge volcano on the other side of the world erupted, spewing ash into the stratosphere, blocking out the sun.  By 1816, the ash had drifted into the northern hemisphere.  Temperatures dropped dramatically, crops died and famine became widespread.  There were riots in the streets of London and the government had to intervene.  This atmosphere, one I didn’t know much about before my research, inspired much of The Duke’s Night of Sin.
RJ: 'The Duke's Night Of Sin' is not your debut novel. How does it differ from your previous novels and what were you trying to achieve with this book? Also, do you feel like it's "mission accomplished"?
KC: I still can’t believe this is my tenth novel.  My books always involve family and the relationships between its members.  They can always count on each other.  This time, in her greatest time of need, Siusan is forced to leave those she trusts and loves, and to rely entirely on her own strength to survive both emotionally and physically.
RJ: This release is the latest book in The Seven Deadly Sins series. What's the series' premise and how did the idea for it come about?
KC: The Seven Deadly Sins series is about the seven Sinclair brothers and sisters.  When their mother died, their father, the Duke of Sinclair, found refuge in drink and left the children to run wild.  Soon all of Edinburgh Society referred to the unruly bunch as The Seven Deadly Sins.  This hurt the children, until finally, Sterling, the eldest, could no longer tolerate the constant tears. He came up with a plan to remove the sting from the words, assigning each of them a sin to portray that sin whenever in public.  They did, delighting in shocking Society. After a time, the name calling stopped  but by then embodying the sins was no longer a game. The sins had become part of their very natures.   One night, their father can’t endure his grown children’s wicked ways any longer.  He tells them that they must redeem themselves or be cast out, penniless.  He sets them off to London with just enough coin to live on, but only if they are frugal.  This was the premise.  The stories themselves pit the sinner against his/her opposite, forcing both to grow in many ways to earn respect and their happily ever after.
RJ: Lets talk about your Hero and Heroine (Sebastian & Siusan). What are their flaws and what are their redeeming qualities? Also, why are they drawn to each other (aside from physical attraction)?
KC: Siusan is lazy and manipulative.  She uses manipulation to get others to do what she wants. Still, she is deeply wounded from her relationship with her father and inside feels unworthy of love.  But her brothers and sister know another side of Siusan, a woman who is passionate as well as compassionate, loving, supportive, caring and self-sacrificing.

Sebastian has been thrust into the role of Duke of Exeter and he doesn’t want the responsibility.  He’d much rather enjoy the rakish life of second son, drinking his nights away and enjoying the ladies.  But now, after both his father and brother have died from their own weaknesses, he has become head of the family.  He knows he must become the man the Duke of Exeter should be. He take  his seat in the House of Lords and works diligently to improve the lives of the people of England, earning the admiration of the government.  Like Siusan, Sebastian is passionate, caring and compassionate and self-sacrificing.

A matched passion first drew them together. But when they met again, it was their wit, and compassion that pulled them together.  Their willingness to sacrifice everything they held dear for sake of the other is what finally proved to them both that, against all odds, they must be together forever[.]
RJ: How did your writing journey begin and how did you get here?  What pit-stops, wrong turns, and perfect lane changes did you make on your road to publication?
KC: At the beginning, I kept writing the first three chapters of books, then I would move on to the next great idea.  Then, a critique partner of mine challenged me to finish the book I was writing in time for the Golden Heart.  I was passionate about the story and so accepted the challenge.  I entered the book in the Long Historical category and was lucky enough to win.  Jennifer Enderlin at St. Martin’s asked my agent Jenny Bent for the book.  Now it was time for me to learn a huge lesson. During the months between entering the book in the Golden Heart and winning it, I had given the book to my critique group and to several bestselling authors.  Everyone gave me great advice, and so I rewrote large portions of the book. I swear I probably had five versions of Rules of Engagement.  Finally, when Jennifer Enderlin read the book, she rejected it.  She told me what she had read for the contest was a romantic comedy.  What my agent had given her was a dark mystery.  Then, she gave me the best advice of my career by telling me to stay true to myself and my vision of the story.  I knew she was right. I had always known this, but until I heard it from her, I hadn’t had enough confidence to trust my gut.  Now, I did.  I dusted off the first draft of the story, my version, polished it up and gave it to my agent.  Right away there was an auction situation and the book went to Warner (now Hachette.)  No one’s path to publication is the same.  And there are going to be potholes along the way.  But if you stay true to yourself and your vision of the story, you will have greatly improved your chance of seeing your book in print.
RJ: The writing process differs from author to author. Some are planners, and others just jump right in. Some consider themselves night writers, while others need daylight and a park bench or a coffee shop (wink) to set the mood for creativity; whats your writing process and atmosphere like?
KC: I try to plot.  I have tried so many different ways to write a book, but it always comes back to sitting down, writing and letting the characters reveal the story to me.  One thing that I have realized is that I can’t have distractions when I write.  I need to be able to skip off into the world of my characters without real life breaking through.  I can’t write in a coffee shop, though I have tried and tried.  I end up listening to conversations around me and making up wild backgrounds for the participants.  I can’t write to music, because the mood of the songs invade my scenes.  So, I usually write in my dining room (too many great distractions in my office) with only china and silverware to distract me.
RJ: Romances has transcended many different sectors of pop culture. I think the Beatles said it best, "All you need is love". This being a Romance Blog, I've got to ask, what are your favorite romance picks of the following:  Favorite Love Song? Favorite Scent on a man? Favorite Romantic Comedy?
Favorite love song- the old classic “At Last”
Favorite scent on a man- I worked in men fragrances at Macys when I was in college.  Paco Rabanne was the one scent made my knees weak. Still does. 
Favorite romantic comedy- there are so many I love, but it’s still When Harry Met Sally.
RJ: Do you have anything that you would like to address to your fans and the readers?
KC:  Thank you all for reading my books and for stopping by the blog today.  Be sure to swing by website www.KathrynCaskie.com for my 12 Days of Christmas book giveaway, excerpts, fabulous holiday recipes from your favorite Avon authors, signed bookplates for your copies of The Duke’s Night of Sin and more.
Not Kathryn's dog, but so cute!
RJ: Final Question: Name something shocking or interesting about yourself that the readers may not know.
KC:  I could tell you that I am an adrenaline junkie who has been skydiving, bungee jumping, elephant riding, diving with sharks, etc.  But after meeting me, most people find it shocking that I have a Chihuahua with a Napoleon complex.
*Kathryn's Question: What would most people find most surprising about you?  
I have three signed sets of the first two books in my Seven Deadly Sins series for the top three (chosen by Rita.)
~*~Giveaway Details~*~
Kathryn Caskie has generously offered to giveaway (3) signed sets of the first two books in her 'Seven Deadly Sins' series: Book One, To Sin With a Stranger, and Book Two, The Most Wicked of Sins to (3) three lucky commenter! Follow the guidelines below and comment for your chance to win! The giveaway will end on Saturday, December 18th, 2010 at 11:59:00 PM. The winners will be chosen, announced and contacted via email shortly after.  

Giveaway Guidelines: To be entered in the giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment and answer Kathryn's Question!
*Make sure to include your email address (NO EMAIL= INVALID ENTRY)
*Restricted to US residents only, sorry.

For Extra Entries (do one or more of the following for extra shots at winning):
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To all the readers, be sure to make use of those 'on the web' links above to better acquaint yourself with this fabulous author! This has been great! Good luck to all of the giveaway contestants and I hope all of you have enjoyed this edition of:  

'The Princess In His Bed' by Lila DiPasqua -Review-

   This stunning and scorching sophomore offering by DiPasqua was positively delectable. The Fiery Tales Collection gets even more heated with the addition of these three retold fairy tales.
‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and ‘The Princess and the Pea’ get an erotic makeover and give adults their own version of a bedtime story.
   A cousin's ex-lover's ring finds it's way into an irresistible rake's pocket. The deception to win it back leads to some steamy 'missions'; A woman with scars that run far deeper than on her body decides to take the lead and experience pleasure before it's too late; And a princess, masquerading as a man has a pouch filled with the King's diamond and will have to gamble her brother out of the poor house, all while resisting the sexy spy at the tables. All this an more awaits you in between the covers.

[Read an excerpt: here]

The Marquis' New Clothes-Aimee de Miran is embroiled in a scandalous plot and deception to recover the lost ring of her cousin’s ex-lover. Louise d’Arcy’s torrid relationship with Renault de Sard has had it’s fair share of lover spats; but when Renault casts Louise aside, she retaliates but taking his jeweled ring given to him by the king. Louis immediately regrets her theft and wants to return the ring before her ex-lover-who also happens to be the King’s Lieutenant General of Police (and a stick up the butt)-before he has the chance to realize it’s gone and seeks justice. Unfortunately, the ring finds it’s way from Louise’s hand to the pocket of Adam de Vey’s justacorps.

Adam, the Marquis de Nattes, has been infatuated with Aimee de Miran (his good friend’s wife) for many years. With the passing of Aimee’s husband, Adam sees his opportunity to purge the enchanting Aimee from his system once and for all. The only problem is: she hates his guts! Aimee’s husband took advantage of her youthful and romantic feelings, destroying her dreams of love and a perfect marriage by choosing his whores over her. She won’t fall for another handsome rake with a wicked tongue, but Adam is determined to have her.

‘Having Her’ turns out to be easier than Adam expects when Aimee takes the lead and starts flirting with him. Her weird fascination with his justacorps aside, Adam finds Aimee refreshing and alluring and doesn’t believe his whetted appetite will hold him over for very long.

Aimee feels cherished in Adam’s arms, and despite her initial intentions, she can’t help regretting the ploy she’s played a part in. The line between deception and reality blurs and as Aimee searches for Renault’s ring, she may just come across a chance at love.

The Lovely Duckling-
Emilie de Sarron goes to great lengths to conceal the burns on her body she received as an infant. After a horrendous episode during her come-out where she was humiliated, Emilie quickly absconded to the country with her negligent guardians. She started corresponding with Vincent d’Alumbert and withheld nothing as she probed his mind for information on carnal pleasure. Emilie feels she has no chance at love or marriage, but she can’t help but want to experience the sensations of lovemaking before it’s too late. When Emilie’s aunt hosts a masquerade, Emilie sees her chance to not only quell her insatiable curiosity, but meet face to face the man whom she has been corresponding with for so long.

Joseph d’Alumbert has an attack of conscious over his inactivity when his buddies made fun and embarrassed Emilie de Sarron into withdrawing from society. He sends her a letter, posing as his twin brother, Vincent, to alleviate his guilt, but ends up becoming enchanted. He and his brother’s are invited to Emilie’s aunt’s masquerade and he knows of her plan to acquaint her self with pleasure. At first, he didn’t want to become so involved as to be the one to take her virginity, but Emilie would not be deterred, and Joseph (posing as Vincent) saw the only way to protect her from making a huge mistake with anyone else was to have her make it with him.

The emotions the two begin to experience go far deeper then their few days of carnal bliss, but that all may come to a screeching halt once Joseph’s deception is revealed and Emilie’s identity is revealed to the masquerade attendees.

The Princess and the Diamonds- Princess Gabrielle knows the dangers that come with high stakes gambling. Her brother is in far too deep and Gabrielle will have to use the same illegal game that’s left her brother destitute to save him from ruin. She’s as sharp as any Basset player (maybe even more) and she knows when to walk away. She ‘borrows’ some of her father’s, the king’s, diamonds and intends to enter a secret gambling hell disguised as a man to win back the money her brother lost.  

Mathias Paul Thomas Tesson, Marquis de Montfort has also been made known to the dangers and destruction high stakes gambling can cause. He’s seen first hand the ruin gambling can cause a family; like his best friend, Charles’, and is determined to do all he can to become part of the solution.

Although the King has put a ban on the popular card game, Basset, many in his kingdom have disregarded his law and have been conducting underground gambling hells in which the illegal game can still be played. Mathias decides to team up with the Lieutenant General of Police of Paris to do an undercover mission to expose a group of gamblers who still play Basset.

Mathias never thought he’d encounter such a sharp player with the sense to walk away while they were still ahead; much less, did he ever think he would find himself attracted to the player. But everything isn’t how it seems and Mathias zero’s in on Gabrielle’s farce. He doesn’t yet know that she’s a princess, or where the diamonds came from, but his need for her body increases and soon the jewels won’t be the only hard things in this princess’s bed! But will either of the two realize the benefits of sticking around instead of cashing out?

Rating: 4 ½ Red Roses
My Favorite Part of the Book: There are so many! This book is over-flowing with memorable scenes and lovely characters. ‘The Lovely Duckling’ was my personal favorite and I absolutely loved when Emilie finally showed him her scars and he reassured her that she was still the woman he wanted to be with. I swooned (but I was reading while lying down, so it didn’t have the same effect)
WOW! This book was simply marvelous! Lila DiPasqua has really perfected the art of great short stories! I always cringe when I see novellas because I never believe I will get the full story experience from them; but this book gives you all that and more! The characters had tons of depth and the plots were surprisingly multi-layered and soulfully satisfying. I actually believed in the HEA! The only thing I want to comment on in a less than glowing light is…: The Dismount. After a satisfying sex scene, the male characters always seem to have a ‘dismount’ or way of disengaging their member and settling back down. For all three short stories, the male leads seemed to share a similar dismount: pick up the panties, whip her clean, whip himself, throw them (very rudely) on the ground. With a collection of short stories, you want to feel like you’re reading a different story every time; and I definitely felt like I was, it was just the dismount that had me drawing a connection. But honestly, this book was so good; you’d be missing out if you didn’t read it!

[Special thanks to Kayleigh Clark
and the author for sending
a copy for review]

*Want more DiPasqua? Try the first collection of Fiery Tales in 'Awakened By A Kiss'!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...gearing up for the holidays with CSNstores

   Well, it's almost that time! The big day is mere weeks away. In the meanwhile, why not start a little impromptu tree shopping? I found this great one online for only 95$ at CSNstores.

CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find just about anything you need whether it be new children's luggage to pack the kiddies off to grandma and grandpa's for the holidays, a fashionable handbag to flaunt in front of all your relatives while you gather round the tree, or some wicked sweet home decour.

Maybe you're like me and have been using the same old, balding, artificial tree since 1992. I found a really gorgeous tree on the site that I am itching to put up in my living room. The Vickerman 54" Snowtip Berry/Vine Artificial Christmas Tree with Multicolored Lights is such a beauty. For $95, you get a sturdy, stylish tree that's already partial decorated when you take it out the box. I absoloutely HATE trying to wrap my faulty string of lights around a clonky christmas tree. With the lights already built in, that's half the battle won already. Just add a few personal ornaments to make it your own and you're good to go!
The gorgeous Vickerman Christmas Tree @ CSN Stores!
You'll find plenty of decorative pieces to spice up your home for the holiday, but you can't forget the big dog of them all. Find plenty of wonderful X-mas trees for under $100 on CSNstores.com by configuring your search. I've already done that, so just click this link and find the new member to your holiday family!

*Stay tuned for a special CSN stores giveaway during the month of December to help get your house in tip top shape before the major holiday!

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Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Mondays - Keepin' Warm and Groovy in Knits!

Knits were very popular in the '60s and '70s, as evidenced by this edition of "Mad Mad Modes for Moderns" from Girls' Romances #130 (January 1968) by Jay Scott Pike and this later fashion spread from Seventeen magazine from February 1970. As a knitter myself (not a very good one mind you), I would love to find the time and know-how to recreate one of Pike's illustrations!

Well friends -- big changes are on the horizon for this lady blogger, so this may be the last post for a little while. My boyfriend, Justin has been hired by LEGO® and he will be moving to Denmark this winter! Once I find a job over there, I will join him, but that could take up to a year. Tomorrow I will be moving up to Michigan to live with family while I work towards immigrating to one of the happiest countries in the world! Hooray!

I am pretty sure I would sell my soul
for the dress with the green top and the
multi-color zig-zag bottom!!!

During this transition, I will probably be offline for a week or so. Hopefully it won't be too much longer than that, because I know I will be itchin' to get back to writing about romance comics! I have lots of great posts coming up for this winter, so please check back!

Have a great beginning of December!
See you soon!!!

Guest author Sela Carsen and giveaway

Please welcome author Sela Carsen!

Introducing yourself to people who only know you through what you write is always a little difficult. If you met me in person, you'd think, "There goes another mom."
And you'd be right. I'm mostly another mom. One of the many millions out there. We all have common experiences. We make sure the kids get to school and activities and dentist appointments. We make sure there's dinner on the table every night and that the homework gets done. We make sure the bathrooms get cleaned on at least a semi-regular basis. We have our own styles and schedules, but daily life is daily life.
But during the day when I should probably be folding laundry, I'm writing. Putting pieces of myself on the page not just to get the voices out of my head, but to give other people a smile during their day.
People assume that they know who writers are because they've read our words. They project about what our lives must be like. And to a certain extent, that's true for me.
You'd probably be able to decipher that I'm Southern. A Texan, to be specific, but I've not written a specifically Texan heroine.
You'd probably figure out that I like to eat. I like sushi and Sonic drive-ins. I drink wine and have been known to bake muffins by the hundredweight. All of my characters eat what sounds good to me when I'm writing. Pizza, pasta, steak, creamed spinach and sweet potato fries have all made appearances. (This close after Thanksgiving, though, I'm still too full to read that sentence without a stomachache.)
It would be a no-brainer for you to assume I like to read, based on some of my books. One of my heroines nearly swooned when she walked into the hero's library. In my head, it was like the library in "Beauty and the Beast," or more accurately, like the one in Robin McKinley's glorious book, "Beauty: A Retelling of Beauty and the Beast." In another book, my heroine was a librarian.
All of these things are true, yet I work to make sure that my heroines really aren't that much like me at all. I mean, if I met a werewolf in the dark, I'd probably pee myself and faint. If I turned into a Selkie, I'd sink. If a vampire chased me through a graveyard at midnight, I'd be exsanguinated in the time it would take me to spell "exsanginuated."
But not my gals! They're not just little bits and pieces of my experiences. They start out as a few words on a page or as faint images or sounds in my head, but by the end, they've become so much more. They've become fully realized individuals, separate and distinct from each other and very definitely distinct from myself.
So sure, they may read the same books I read and they may like sweet potato fries as much as I do, but they are entirely themselves -- and fun to get to know on their own!

Carolina Pearl is second in the Carolina Wolf series. Ok, so there are really only two books total. There might be a third someday if I can get it to come out right.
The truth is, I never set out to write a series. I always thought a series had to be something that was planned and plotted and outlines and...I don't. At all. The very thought gives me hives.
I wrote Carolina Wolf for a call for submission that Samhain was doing for paranormal romantic comedies. I'd already written two para-rom-coms (it takes a while to write it all out), so it was right up my alley.
It ended up in an anthology called Tickle My Fantasy and people seemed to like it. After a few months, my fellow anthology-buddies came up with the idea that it might be fun to try it again. Since I'd never planned for there to be another story, I struggled with writing Carolina Pearl.
I knew I wanted to keep the town a central part of the story. There were secondary characters who needed to make more appearances, and there was more life in this little town than could be contained in just one novella.
So I did a Google map search of the real-life Congaree Swamp in South Carolina. And there's a house there, just on the edge of the swamp. All by itself. The satellite image shows it to be pretty old and run-down, but the idea of it was all I needed.
Now, my husband is a real DIY kind of guy. I've spent more hours watching HGTV and Bob Vila and "Holmes on Homes" with him than I can count. I've lived through one major kitchen gutting, one minor kitchen remodel, and at least three entire bathroom re-dos since we've been married.
Now I had my town and I had my house. I closed my eyes and saw a man replacing siding by himself, standing on a scaffold and cussing in frustration. Voila! A hero is born! Ok, so maybe not too heroic, but he only needed the right woman.
I saw an opportunity for tying this story in with Carolina Wolf right off the bat, though. I loved writing the prologue for Wolf -- it encompassed so much sensory detail and really dropped people smack into the setting. So I used some parallels and my heroine appeared.
It sounds almost hokey when I write it out like that, but those were the sparks I needed to get the story going. Now it's the in the hands of the readers to decide if I did it right!

Sela is giving away a PDF copy of Carolina Pearl, to enter please leave a comment or question for Sela along with your email.

Thanks Sela!!

Recommendation of the Week: 11/28/2010 - 12/5/2010

'Ashes In The Wind'
by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
"Alaina MacGaren is forced to flee the devastation of her homeland in the guise of a young boy, only to find sanctuary in the arms of an enemy. Cole Latimer is a dashing Yankee surgeon who has served the Union faithfully, and his tender heart compels him to help a ragged, innocent "lad" in need--never suspecting the rags conceal a bewitching belle suspected of being a rebel spy.
But Alaina's masquerade does not fool Cole for long. And the strength, courage, and breathtaking sensuality of this woman whom it would be treasonous to love sets duty and desire at war within him. Yet Destiny has joined them for good or ill--and they both must follow where their hearts would lead them, if they are to build a glorious new life together out of the ashes of the old."Source
My Thoughts: Anyone who knows me, knows I am a HUGE Gone With The Wind fan. Ever since I saw the movie as a young child, I've determined that a Civil War romances are the best.(And yes, I am one of the sad, unfortunate souls who haven't read the actual book yet....yeah, I am a horrible person..) I've been searching for a good civil war romance novel and I believe I've found it in this sensation of a novel. It gets high marks from various sites and reviews and I can't wait till it arrives on my doorstep!

Read a review of 'Ashes In The Wind' at AllReaders.com: here

This is your Recommendation for the Week of November 29th, 2010 thru December 5th, 2010

Until Next Post<3...

On my wish list (4)

On My Wishlist is hosted by Book Chick City

Ravished by a Viking Author Delilah Devlin

 What a Viking wants, a Viking takes.

When his younger brother goes missing, Dagr, Viking warrior and Lord of the Wolfskin Clan, will do whatever it takes to get him back. But nothing could have prepared him for Honora-a feisty, intelligent woman who is nothing like the women of his world-women who are content to serve their men in all things. Drawn to her despite her recalcitrant nature, Dagr is determined to show her who's boss both in bed and out.

When the two enemies-turned-lovers join forces to find Dagr's brother they are thrown into a rousing adventure full of danger, intrigue and erotic abandon. Can their passion truly unite them or will their different worlds lead to destruction for them both?

Wolf Breed by S.A. Swann 
In this captivating reinvention of the werewolf novel, S. A. Swann propels readers into the darkest days of the Middle Ages, weaving a rare blend of soaring romance, historical intrigue, paranormal thrills, and spiritual questioning to tell a story that forever changes those who hear it.When a monk inadvertently discovers a lair of werewolf young, he unleashes what will become the Church’s most powerful–and secret–weapon. Clandestinely raised by the Teutonic Order, these lupine creatures serve as instruments of God against pagan unbelievers. Trained to slip into villages cloaked in human form, they are all but unstoppable. Only one, called Lilly, has cunningly fled her brutal master.Uldolf is too young to remember the massacre eight years earlier that claimed his village, his arm, and his kin. But he knows the pain of loneliness. When he sees what appears to be a beautiful young woman, injured and cowering in the woods, he races to her aid. Uldolf and his adoptive family will do anything to protect the terrified girl, but the danger is greater than they can possibly imagine. For death is the only life Lilly has ever known–and if their humanity can’t pierce the darkness Lilly harbors in her soul, they’ll soon come to know it, too.

Pleasure Me by Monica Burns

Youth and beauty are a courtesan’s greatest assets. At forty-one, Lady Ruth Attwood appears to have lost both, as her latest lover just abandoned her for a younger mistress. Struggling with the knowledge that she’s no longer considered desirable, she’s uncertain whether to be offended or flattered when a younger man makes her an unusual offer. In need of funds, she agrees. But then she does the unthinkable. She falls in love.

Despite his reputation as a man’s man, Baron Garrick Stratfield has never been with a woman. His physical impairment is such that he knows not even a whore will touch him, and he needs a mistress who’s willing to be kept without sharing his bed. But passion is just a delicious kiss away because his new mistress is wreaking havoc with his senses. Worse yet, someone is not only out to ruin his reputation, but frame him for murder.


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How we here at Bitten goes about giving out awards.

The are picked by us the reviewer. As we read we get a feel for a book and know at the end if that book get an award or not. There is no voting or talking amongst ourselves. So to us this makes the book award more special.  

*Top Bite awards


Top Bite Awards goes to books we read and just felt it was so special it needs its own award. This award is given to the book and the author of that book. Here is a list below click on the link for the review and authors link.


*Scorcher awards


The Scorcher award is for books that we find extremely hot. Now you might say all erotic or romance books are Scorchers, but most are not. This award is for books we read with great character connection and true seduction along with hot sex scenes.

*Yearly top pick awards

Top pick awards are given at the end of the year. They will be books that are our top picks of the year.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Review Carolina Pearl by Sela Carsen

Carolina Pearl
Author Sela Carsen
Requested review
Paranormal romance: shape-shifter wolf
eBook Novella
Authors website

A family legend could lead to a treasure more precious than pearls…or get them killed.
Between babysitting her very pregnant sister-in-law and fending off her mother’s nagging about her marital status, Blair Moreau is going insane. Her only hold on sanity is her daily walk for a guilty peek at her crush, the sexy neighbor who’s fixing up the old Cotesworth place.
Conn Lucas, the bastard son of Culford’s leading family, got way out of town a long time ago. When the only relative who didn’t despise him leaves him her 250-year-old house, Conn plans to refurbish it, flip it, and get back to Connecticut as soon as possible. Until a local beauty with a rare talent for DIY gives him a hand with some stubborn siding.
When he makes her mad enough to swing a two-by-four at his head, he realizes Blair is better than perfect. Especially when his efforts to keep her from killing him explode into an erotic rush of adrenaline that unleashes desires they’ve both kept hidden.
Breaking through Conn’s tough shell isn’t as difficult Blair’s next hurdle—telling him she’s a werewolf. First, though, they’ve got to deal with meddling ghosts and a bad ol’ boy cousin who isn’t above taking what he wants at nail-gun point…
Warning: This book contains a smokin’ hot werewolf chick with serious DIY know-how and a man who thinks that’s sexy; illegal use of nail guns; things to do in a claw-foot tub; pirate references; piddling Dobermans and meddling ghosts. Which is better than meddling Dobermans and piddling ghosts.

My Review

This is a sexy fast pace novella. I love to read short and exciting books and I really love it when there is treasure in it. I enjoyed the wolf shape shifter being the female roll with the human as the man, I don’t think I have read one like it. I enjoyed both Conn and Blair and I love how Blair was submissive to Conn. The sex between them is D/s and very tasteful and hot. These two have an adventure with some ghosts, a villain, and treasure. I know I will be reading more from this author. 

Tina Folsom is having a CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY - Venice Vampyr

I wanted to let everyone know about Tina's new giveaway. If you haven't had a chance to try one of her Novella's here is your chance. Below is what she has on her blog, you'll have to go there to enter. Tina's blog link

~from Tinas's blog~


I will be giving away Kindle copies of my new novella Venice Vampyr before Christmas. Now that Amazon allows Kindle-book gifts through their website, I will be giving away 30 copies of my new novella as soon as it is released in early/mid Dec.

If I receive more than 30 comments with email addresses, there will be a raffle to determine the 30 recipients. Winners will receive their free copy via a download link from Amazon.com where they can determine whether to send the book to their Kindle or to another device (PC / iPhone etc). This contest is open internationally.

Deadline for this contest: As soon as I have an exact release date for Venice Vampyr I will announce it on this blog (estimate: Dec 5th through 15th). The contest will run until the day of release.

A word of warning about Venice Vampyr: This novella is sexually much more explicit than all my other books. So, if you're a little squeamish about things like voyeurism and other sexual taboos, it's safe to assume you won't like this one.

Early 1800s - Venice, Italy

Isabella Tenderini, a wealthy merchant's widow rescues a stranger from drowning in one of Venice's canals. And how does the man repay her selfless act? By kissing her - her, a respectable woman.

Not only is Raphael di Santori grateful for his life being saved, he would also like to thank his rescuer very intimately - more intimately than decorum allows. But then, Raphael has never been one to play by the rules - as a vampire he doesn't have to.