Monday, November 15, 2010

Review The Devil's Kiss by Stacey Kennedy

The Devil's Kiss (The Magical Sword #3)
Author Stacey Kennedy
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Urban Fantasy romance
eBook Novella
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A nasty bite starts a whirlwind of doom―one soul turns toward the darkness while one heart battles to deny destiny.

Nexi Jones can never catch a break. With only just returning from a much needed vacation—a deadly Werewolf attack takes place in Plymouth, Minnesota. In pursuit for answers, Nexi finds herself face-to-face with someone she desperately wanted to avoid, Magnus, the Lord of the Underworld. He hasn’t forgotten her and will stop at nothing to use her magical abilities for his personal gain.

Soon, Nexi will be in a battle far worse than conjuring Magic against those of the Underworld. The fiercest battle rages within her as her soul combats against her heart to decide Nexi’s fate. Will all that matters—will everyone she loves—be lost forever?

My Review

Nexi is back again in high fighting action, along beside her is Kyden and her cat protector Willow. There is a few things happening almost back to back, but the author knows how to write, so its not confusing. I was so into reading this installment I had a hard time putting it down, so I could get things in my real life done lets just say I done things quickly so I could get back to reading.

I loved the first of the book where Nexi is helping a woman Rynn that has been wrongly turned into a wolf. I also cant wait for the spin off book of Briggs and Rynn. There is so much packed in this book there is no way I could cover it. If you’re a reader of this series please don’t miss this installment and if you haven’t tried this series please check it out.

 I really enjoyed this book. Nexi is always in the middle of the action and has some awesome friends that is always in the middle to help out. This time around she finds out there is something more between Magnus and her and its not good ,she has to find a way to get rid of Magnus. Kyden goes all out to keep Nexi at his side. That’s one reason I like Kyden so well.

The author always leaves a HEA in the closing even though Kyden and Nexi has a few obstacles that comes up between them. I recommend this to any UF reader that would like romance and a little sex in their books and for the paranormal reader that wants a little UF in their romance.

Series order
1.The Willow
2.The Wicked
3. The Devil's Kiss

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