Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Review Eternal Prey by Nina Bangs

Eternal Prey (Gods of the Night #3)
Nina Bangs
release date Dec.28th
Paranormal romance- Dinosaurs shape-shifters
Mass paperback 384pgs
Authors website

The souls of ancient predators crouch within the Eleven. Primal instincts and barely contained savagery drive them. But in a modern world threatened with chaos and darkness, they are…Gods of the Night.

Utah knows all about vengeance. Vampires killed his brother, and that act demands only one response. He frees his beast and destroys every bloodsucker he finds. But he never expected to meet a leader of his immortal enemies who was so beautiful, bewitching…and mortal.

Lia understands her destiny. She has a duty to stop the rogue vampires who are intent on wiping out the human race along with any nonhumans that get in their way. But she needs help dealing with the shadowy power guiding the escalating slaughter. Utah would be her last choice for a partner. Once a deadly foe, he now becomes her ally and protector. Loving him will be more dangerous than anything she’s ever done. Because when Utah releases his soul, the ultimate predator will once again stalk the earth, and death will walk with him.

My review

 Danger has never been so sexy, come and read a twist in the shape-shifting world and meet some hot dinosaurs. I felt this book was way better than the first two. Nina Bangs creativity for the end of this world Mayan prophecy is just outstanding on how she brings everything together, I just can’t wait for the big finish. I found this one to be an emotional ride with all emotions present. You meet a few new characters the most important is Kione he is a prince of the faes.

This book was so emotional. I will have to warn anyone who is not tolerate  of the mentioning of m/m rape, but if you can please try. I found myself crying at a few points and let me tell you that’s hard to do I’m not a normal crier period.  Anyway there is two scenes in here that I just lost it. One is when Fin is taking in Kione’s pain and Utah and Lia steps in to help. The other is when  Kione is sharing his past, it was just horrible.  Its always nice to read when others step in to help no matter what happens.

Lia and her mother was in the second book. As you know Lia is a human at least for now and she is set out to take down Utah for killing so many vampires. She became his driver. The first thing she told Utah was to “pull over, you prehistoric jerk.” Lia was fun to read. I found her strong or soft when needed. She sure was witty and full of sarcasm when needed.

Utah is a Utahraptor. As you read in book two he lost his brother and these type raptors run in a pack, so he is now on a killing spree and wants nothing more than kill all vampires. Will he kill the one woman that is destined to be a vampire? It’s a sexy ride to find out.

This series is best to be read in order, but can be standalone.
1. Eternal Pleasure
2.Eternal Craving
3.Eternal Pray

This book receives Top Bite award

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