Sunday, November 28, 2010

main awards post

How we here at Bitten goes about giving out awards.

The are picked by us the reviewer. As we read we get a feel for a book and know at the end if that book get an award or not. There is no voting or talking amongst ourselves. So to us this makes the book award more special.  

*Top Bite awards


Top Bite Awards goes to books we read and just felt it was so special it needs its own award. This award is given to the book and the author of that book. Here is a list below click on the link for the review and authors link.


*Scorcher awards


The Scorcher award is for books that we find extremely hot. Now you might say all erotic or romance books are Scorchers, but most are not. This award is for books we read with great character connection and true seduction along with hot sex scenes.

*Yearly top pick awards

Top pick awards are given at the end of the year. They will be books that are our top picks of the year.

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