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Special post for Nina Bangs Gods of the Night series

A special post. Why we love Nina Bangs's God of the Night series. I have asked Nina Bangs for some pictures for her men in these books, then I have asked a few friends to help out by telling you why they love this series so much, so you can get a feel of the series.

So lets get started

Nina Bangs knows how to write sexy shape-shifting dinosaurs. Come and enter a world that you have never read before and see how dangerous and loving dinosaurs can be.

THE ELEVEN—an alliance of ultimate predators. Primal, lethal, irresistible.
THE PROPHECY—an ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on 12-21-12.
THE PREY—where can you hide from pure evil?
Eleven Gods of the Night…
The only creatures more deadly are the ones they’ve been summoned to destroy.

First lets meet Ty Endeka of Eternal Pleasures, of course, he is a T-Rex. You can read his book excerpt and watch his video here.

Now lets meet Al Endeka of Eternal Pleasure, of course his is a Allosaurus. You can read his excerpt and watch his video here. I love this video!

Nina  Bangs will be here Monday the 22nd, I hope to see everyone join in. Nina has an interview and will be giving away the first two books Eternal Pleasure and Eternal Craving. Even if you don't win, put this series in your to read pile, its brilliant. 


Now for the plugs;)
Mine Laurie
I have to confess I really didn’t want to try this series. When my friend Cathy handed me these books and told me how much she loved them, I was saying in my mind “ This will be corney. Nope I don’t think I will like to read about some raptors.” They actually sat on my shelf for months and my daughter kept bugging me saying, “aren’t you going to read those dinosaurs books that you bought from Cathy?” So I finally gave in and read them. Man was I totally wrong and could kick myself for not reading them sooner because this series has become one of my favorite.

I love all the mystery behind Fin and these eleven men, that are saving the world. Its not the dinosaur that is the main focus it’s the men that is behind that deadly beast that makes the book and that’s just how Nina Bangs writes the series. I love how hot and sexy these book are and the fast pace action that’s in them. The heroine’s are strong and are excellent in their roll to help out when the time calls for it, in other words they are willing to head danger head on just like these deadly beast they have as hero’s. As you read each book the Mayan prophecy is made more clear and you learn more about these eleven men


She works at Bettie's used bookstore, you find her at the paranormal section pushing these books.
First off let me say I buy anything that has (Nina's Bangs ) name on it! She is a gifted writer, and never disappoints me!
Now Why do I love her (Gods Of The Night ) series?....Let me count the reasons why there are so many! I was hooked from the first. I love these guys! I think this series is so different. It was a stroke of genius to go with dinosaurs! Who says A T-REX Is not sexy? Let me tell you these guys will have your heart pounding:) The whole world she has created is amazing. I got so desperate for the third book I e-mailed her to find out when the next book would be out there for me to buy. She e-mailed me and said it would be out in December.

She is a truly gifted author! She makes you feel like your there - The way she has written this series has just left me wanting more!! Anyone who has not read it - Please do, because you are missing one of the best ever!! It has everything you could want ..You'll love the guys, there ladies, the world the live in. You'll even love the dinosaur they shift into! This series has the depth and feeling that I just love in my books. As I said in the beginning let me count the reasons why I Love this series, there are so many - It reads like a dream!!
I've read so many wonderful books and series:) I'm saying nothing but the truth here....This is one author, and series no one who loves paranormal romance should miss !.....It is very complex and easy at the same time...She has created something here that makes you want to jump right in the books and go along for the ride. So let me say one more time.....( What An Amazing Ride it Is)....Don't miss it!!! -You'll be entranced!!
To end this....Nina Bangs has a big hit here...You have to read to find out what what your missing..then be tortured until the next book like me:)

Vanessa is a friend from gooreads, but now she lives in my state and I get to see her a lot:-)

I read. I read A LOT! Paranormal romance is my favorite genre. It is also a very popular genre at this moment. It seems everyone is reading a vampire or werewolf book. There is nothing wrong with either of the two; lord knows I devour them like the candy. The paranormal genre is so saturated right now I read a book and feel like I have read that before or possibly seen that television show. On occasion though I want something a little different, mix it up a little, find something new and refreshingly different…… thus enters Nina Bang’s “Gods of the Night” series.

Okay, I know dinosaurs and the Mayan 2012 prophecy. How does this even make sense? How does one get a romance out of this? The author has created a world where she has spun all of the ideas into a hot sexy series. Ty and the rest of his breather, known as The Eleven emit vibes. This vibe emitting really intrigued me. Ty is our main man in the first book “Eternal Pleasure.” In the first chapter of the book we find out that his death vibe has freaked out an entire plane full of people. The moment he reaches the car with his hired driver she feels the vibe too. Kelly also feels a sexual craving from him that is all consuming.

These books are very fast paced. There is an enormous amount of action. The characters range from werewolves to vampires to the dino-shifters that this series is focused about. I loved the uniqueness of this series as a whole. There are so many questions that are brought forth in each book, questions that the readers get partial answers to with each following book. The possibilities of where this series can go are endless in my opinion. There are so many different conflicts that occur between the different characters.

I would recommend this series to individuals who like to read paranormal romances with extremely attractive men, who have some scorching hot sex while they are out the save the world from another Great Dying.


 Denise Tobar is my goodreads friend.

I love this series!  It is the first time I read a book about dinosaur shape-shifters!  I love the fact that it is taking a different approach to the Mayan Prophecy also.  The series has mystery and action.  It also has another of my favorite paranormal characters - Vampires!  I am so looking forward to the third book in this series Eternal Prey!  I highly recommend this series!

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