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Rhonda Nelson and Joanne Rock
Harlequin Showcase: Passion
October 2010
ISBN# 9780373688128
Mass Market Paperback, 416 pages
Plucked from the local library’s sale shelf
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1-900-Lover by Rhonda Nelson

When high school teacher Rowan Crosswhite finds herself out of a job, she comes up with an ingenious way to make ends meet—she installs her own phone-sex line. But when Will Foster dials her number, Rowan is the one who gets all worked up. Will can't believe that a woman as sexy as Rowan has to resort to giving phone sex to strangers…especially when he wants her to give it to him instead! And once she does, it doesn't take long to convince her that burning up the sheets is better than burning up the phone lines. Still, Rowan is determined to give up the job only when she's ready. So what else can Will do but make sure Rowan is too "busy" to answer her phone…?

Silk Confessions by Joanne Rock

As a hotshot detective, Wes Shaw thinks he's seen it all—until he meets the luscious Tempest Boucher. She's a blend of artistic sensuality and no-nonsense practicality that he can't resist. Too bad he suspects one of her companies of being a front for an illegal sex ring…and possibly murder. Tempest has always lived by the rules. So to find herself the subject of an intense investigation by one sexy cop has sparked all kinds of rebellious impulses in her. Soon his interrogations lead to intimate confessions across the sheets…and even hotter explorations!

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I saw a blurb somewhere in my internet wanderings on this book and it spiked my interest. Also, the cover caught my eye. So, I put it on my various book swap wish lists. Low and behold, it appeared on the sale shelf at my local library. Someone’s donation was my lucky day and for a quarter, I wasn’t going to pass it up!

I will never look at one of these skinny Harlequin books with disdain again! Holy Moly!

Both of these stories were previously published by Harlequin. I’m not sure which Series they were published under but most likely Blaze, specifically the Passion Series. Yep, I’ve been to the Harlequin site investigating.
1-900-Lover was published in 2004 and Silk Confessions in 2005.

A few common threads I found with both stories that I really liked before I dive into a few details. The hero’s of both stories used protection. No questions asked and it wasn’t taken for granted. It was the hero that fell first. Whereas, the heroine always held back a little; afraid to take that last step. These guys were great. Not overly alpha. They didn’t have women falling all over them, but they weren’t inexperienced either. The H/h seemed to be made for each other; they mesh. Lastly, these steamy stories were a pleasure to read. The words flow smoothly over the pages. I didn’t have to fight with the grammar and punctuation or learn a different language. LOL!

Now that Rowan Crosswhite no longer has her teaching job, she finds that being a phone-sex operator is more lucrative. The paycheck that is! She knows what her customers want and how to give it to them. Even though she may be weeding her garden at the time. She meets Will Foster when he finds out his nephew has been calling the 1-900 phone-sex number. They discover a common interest of horticulture and heat blossoms. Will owns a landscaping business and would like Rowan to help him with a problem customer. She agrees.

“Hell, we were in a bathroom--a bathroom, dammit!--with a roomful of people on the other side of the door, and I swear, the building could have tumbled down around me and I--“ He sighed.

Will was on the phone (talking?) to Rowan after their encounter. You will have to read to find out just how steamy it was in that bathroom!

Silk Confessions
Tempest Boucher is tired of playing CEO to the company her father left her. She is ready to hand the reigns over to someone else. She wants to leave the high society life behind, concentrate on her sculptures in her studio apartment, and make an independent life on her own. Unfortunately, a murderer has different plans for her future. Enter Detective Wes Shaw to complicate matters, and you have set the scene for one, hot romantic suspense.

This story is the better of the two! But then again, I’m partial to romantic suspense. Without giving too much away of the story, I do want to point out a few items that I thought brought the whole story together. Tempest’s struggle for independence. She wants to be her own woman and free from the purse strings of her family. Wes Shaw’s inability to voice his feelings. Lastly, the bad guy: I didn’t see that one coming!

Of course, I couldn’t let you go without a favorite line or two:

“Yet you arrived bearing prophylactics.” She shrugged into her jacket before retrieving her scarf. “You were well-prepared for a man who didn’t expect to get carried away.”

Boardroom sex. 'Nuff said.

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