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Interview with paranormal author Nina Bangs and giveaway

Please welcome my one of my favorite authors Nina Bangs.

Laurie- Would you please tell us what inspired you to write about dinosaurs?

Nina-I was searching for a new series idea. When I looked at all the wonderful paranormals already on the shelves, I decided that I needed something different, something that hadn’t been done yet. I knew I wanted my heroes to be the ultimate alpha males, but what could be more alpha than a wolf or vampire? Then I thought of Jurassic Park. Do you remember the scene where the tour car was stuck on the muddy road, and the boy inside watched the water in the two glasses ripple as the ground shook from distant footfalls? Boom, boom, boom, the footsteps came closer and closer. And when the T. rex finally broke from the trees, it was a wow moment. The predator’s size and ferocity took my breath away. I wanted my heroes to have that kind of impact—sensual and gorgeous in their human forms and savage ancient hunters in animal form.

Laurie-How did the 2012 Mayan end of the world prophecy come in to play with this awesome series?

Nina- I love listening to “Coast to Coast AM” when I can stay awake long enough to enjoy the show. Over the last few years, George Noory, the show’s host, has had quite a few guests who discussed the end of the Mayan long count calendar. What will happen in 2012? Some people predict the apocalypse while others believe it will herald in an age when humanity will ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Of course, I have no idea what will happen, if anything. But I decided that the ending date would make a perfect “ticking clock” for my series. What if men with the souls of ancient predators led by a mysterious and powerful leader are all that stand between mankind and complete annihilation on December 21, 2012?

Laurie- What can you say to the readers that just don’t think dinosaurs are sexy to get them to pick up the first book and try it?

Nina-I suppose perception is everything. For example: dragons are considered sexy. Why? Have you Googled dragon images and really looked at them? Pretty scary stuff. And don’t even get me started on some werewolf pictures I’ve seen. Then why not a T. rex? Remember, it’s not the beast that’s sexy, but the man that becomes the beast. I hope that changes a few minds.

Laurie- I know you don’t want to give much away, but we are on the edge of our seats. Why did Fin save these eleven and bring them to the future in human form? And can you give us a clue on the connection between Fin and Seven?

Nina-Fin has an agenda, and it’s not only about saving humanity. And no, I’m not telling you what that agenda is. He chose the ten he wanted to save even as Zero was destroying their world, and those they loved were dying. Fin took the ones he thought would have both the physical and emotional strength to survive in the present. He also wanted them to have a strong sense of loyalty. And if they also hungered for vengeance against Zero, all the better. But beyond that, he chose the ones who would bond with the women he saw in his visions.

Fin and Seven share a past that defies time and space. I guess that’s all I can say without turning this into a spoiler.

Laurie-Will all eleven including Fin get a story?

Nina-I doubt that I’ll be able to do all of their stories. A lot depends on sales. But I’ll write them as long as readers want to know more about the Eleven. I definitely will do Fin’s story.

Laurie-Have you considered writing a book for the vampire Jude?

Nina-I’ve always been partial to vampires. So, yes, I want to do Jude’s story if the opportunity presents itself. I’d also like to write Kione’s story. I love tortured heroes, and the fae prince is about as tortured as you can get.

Laurie-What does it take to make the perfect alpha male together with the perfect female lead, without going overboard with one or the other?

Nina-Umm, luck? No, just kidding. I always want my heroes to be strong men, but I never want them to smother the heroines. They have to respect her and accept her as an equal partner in their fight against the enemy. So, no overbearing Neanderthals need apply. I like a kick-butt heroine, but I never want her to take the place of the hero. If she’s powerful enough to win every fight and destroy every evil, then I guess we don’t need a hero. And I always want my hero and heroine to have flaws. I don’t write perfect characters.

 Laurie-You are so good at this, how do you make your characters so great without being annoying?

Nina-As a reader, I enjoy characters that aren’t simply black or white. Gray is my color of choice. And as a writer, I never make my characters all good or all bad. I even try to give my villains at least one positive quality even if it’s only a warped sense of humor. In Eternal Craving, Eight was vicious and cruel, but he had one redeeming moment. When he knew he was about to be banished from Earth, he asked that someone release the seagull he’d rescued.

Laurie- Can you give us some insight on how Dorchesterpub and the new ebook is going to work? And is this going to delay your Eternal Prey release date?

Nina-I’m no longer writing for Dorchester, so all future books will be from different publishers. Eternal Prey will be out on December 28 from Avon. From what Dorchester has said, my backlist will be available in e-format. A few books will also appear as trade paperbacks.

Laurie- Would you tell us what you are working on next and what to expect next at the bookstore?

Nina-I’m going back to the Castle of Dark Dreams for my next book. Edge, the cosmic troublemaker in charge of death, finally gets his own story. Next to Ganymede, he’s the most powerful troublemaker around. And there’s no love lost between the two. But their dislike for each other explodes into open warfare when a third party comes to play. I don’t have a release date yet for Wicked Edge.

Where to find Nina
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Now for the giveaway Nina has two autographed books. One is Eternal Pleasure and the other is Eternal Craving. So there will be two winners and this is open for US and International.
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Thank you Nina for the interview. I also wanted to think my close friend Cathy for helping me with the question above, your the best!

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