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Review: True Believers by Maria Zannini

True Believers
Maria Zannini
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Paranormal Romance / Science Fiction / Fantasy
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Something is killing off immortals, one by one.
Taelen Jessit is an alien emissary on a mission sanctioned by the U.S. government to search for ancient gods. His hunt leads him to a dig headed by archaeologist Rachel Cruz. When his military entourage forces Rachel's team out of the cave they were exploring, a flash flood hits the riverbed and threatens to tear them through the ravine.

In the aftermath of the flood, Taelen witnesses the incredible healing of Rachel's broken ankle and believes his gods have blessed her. He is inexplicably drawn to her, and she to him.

What Taelen doesn't know is that Rachel is Nephilim—a descendant of the gods his people worship—masquerading as a human to find the god-killer and destroy it. Rachel needs help to bring down the tech that is manipulating the Earth's magnetosphere and frying her people alive. She's given Taelen her heart, but can she trust him with her secret?






Phenomenal Writing! Excellent Read!

On the edge of your seat action packed story with a sweep you off your feet sweet sexy Alien “Alturian” and Nephilim romance.

I applaud Maria Zannini, she has captured a world where not only humans but extraterrestrial creatures such as the aliens called Alturian’s co-exist.

The Alturian’s come to earth to search for their gods Anu (Nephilim) or any of their children. The humans seem to be searching for the same extraterrestrial creatures but for different reasons than their peace making friends the Alturian’s. The Alturian’s want to find the gods to worship them and honor them but the humans want to destroy them or any other extraterrestrial that may be a threat to their planet.

The Nephilim’s have existed upon earth without the humans knowing and have kept it a secret for many a decade.

For those of you who don’t know what Nephilim’s are, they are a race of extraterrestrials who came to be worshipped by men as gods due to their immortality and extraordinary powers and they are also known as the sons of god whom we call Fallen Angels who slept with the daughters of men that are known in the Christian bible as Giants.

Rachel (Archeologist/Nephilim) and her father Gilgamesh strive to keep their secret from being exposed and find out why many of their kind are falling ill from the Earth's magnetosphere. However Gilgamesh enjoys the fact that the Alturians are still true believers and enjoys the fact that they think his kind are gods and with this thinking, Gilgamesh recognizes that the only way to accomplish his goal is by joining forces with Taelen Jessit (Alien Alturian).

Rachel and Taelen’s romance is so sweet and sexy. The sex scenes are very tasteful, not your hard core erotica but leaves you with one hell of an image to think about especially with Taelen’s extra tentacles he has around his large staff. The one scene in the bath pool about drove me crazy. Absolutely loved it!

I loved the action between the new Artificial Intelligence Bubba (computer program technology come to life) and his sister FAIA (newer model computer technology with updated programs). To weave the web based world and its advanced military programming within this story was pure brilliance.

All the characters were wonderfully developed and the book flowed beautifully. I was so entranced and felt like I was there living it all in color.


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