Thursday, November 18, 2010

Review: Her Warrior Angel by Felicity Heaton

Her Warrior Angel ( Her Angel Romance Series #3)
Felicity E. Heaton

Paranormal Romance / Erotica
Review Requested

Einar is one of Heaven’s best hunters and he’s on a mission to uncover why an angel was working with demons. When he finds the first demon fighting a beautiful woman named Taylor, he intervenes and saves her life. Taylor has spent her whole life protecting London from the lowest demons and she’s not about to let an angel waltz into her city and take over her job, and she’s certainly not about to fall in love with him, even if he is gorgeous. The reason why she can’t is simple—she’s half demon.

There is no love in this world more forbidden than that between an angel and a demon.

Sense tells Taylor to get out before she gets her heart broken, but she winds up convincing Einar to partner with her instead. Einar is certain that working with Taylor is a bad idea, and not only because he can’t focus when he’s around her, but he can’t let her go. The mission leads them deep into the city’s underworld, where old flames burn Taylor while new flames of passion and fear of the consequences consume them, and the threat of Einar’s demons hangs over them both.

Can a love so forbidden ever have a happy ending or are they destined to break each other’s hearts?




Absolutely Captivating!

Wow, I felt like I was in a movie reading this action packed story. The romance and erotic scenes were perfect and the characters came alive within the first couple of pages and absolutely captivated me. This series gets better and better as Felicity writes – pure brilliance!

Forbidden love is what is between Einar and Taylor according to the Heavenly and Hell rules but that minor rule doesn’t stop these two from falling in love. Einar (Angel Hunter) is out looking for the three demons that convince another angel to work with them in exchange for power. The mission is interrupted when he happens to fly over and see a human, no a half human and half demon fighting one of the three demons he is looking for. Einar is so captivated with her skills and beauty that he can’t resist diving in to help her.

Two beings with the same goal of finding demons and putting an end to their madness become a team to get answers but along the way, love has a way to lodge within their hearts as desires surface and become uncontrollable. The good and the bad, how can anything be bad or wrong when it feels so right? This attitude they both gain when their passion unleashes and realizes they are nothing without the other.

Their journey and mission is full of kick ass action as they fight the demons. This is a must read, it will keep you on the edge of your seat and you will find yourself gasping at the sexy actions Einar displays when it comes to his woman “Taylor”. HOT HOT HOT!

I look forward to reading future books to this series. I applaud you Felicity Heaton, you have gained a big fan with me.


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