Monday, November 15, 2010

Review Jeweled by Anya Bast

Author Anya Bast
 Trade paperback 320 pgs.
Erotic romane- M/F/M
Authors website

Defined by magic. Ruled by desire.

In the Court of Edaeii, magic-imbued Evangeline is rewarded for her gift with a sapphire stone set in the perfect curves of her flesh. Her greatest rival in the royal court is the enigmatic Anatol, instilled with his own powers to manipulate illusion. He may better her in magic, but he is her absolute equal in a ferocious sexual energy begging for release.

They share something else—they’re both targets of low-born revolutionaries bent on over-throwing the palace of the privileged few. Rescued from the mobs by Gregorio, a brilliant insurgent, they’re given sanctuary. But in this warm refuge, Evangeline soon finds herself torn between the magic of one man she has always desired, and the excitingly new and radical moves of another. For her, there is only one choice.
Evangeline, Anatol and Gregorio come together as one to explore the possibilities of love beyond reason, and to indulge—for as long as they can survive—in pleasure without limits.

My review

Anya Bast delivers a superb heartfelt story. I truly didn’t expect this erotica to be so emotional. It took me a bit to really get into this story but as I kept reading the more I was engrossed into the story, I just had to find out what really happened in Evangeline’s past that had her to put walls up on her emotions. You get hot M/F/M sex with back door. There is mention of same gender sex, but it never goes into anything. This is not a quick setup manage, it takes a while for these three to get together.

Evangeline and Anatol knows each other from afar. Anatol has loved Evangeline for years just hasn’t told her. As the revolution starts he grabs Evangeline to save her and himself from sudden death that happens to most of the royals. This is where the book makes you think about your life  and these two have had it on easy street until now they are on there own with no money or a place to live. They meet a lady and she helps them to a point, now its up to them. Evangeline has to try to handle her emotions now that she can’t manipulate them and now she sees she once had everything now nothing just the rags she has on her. She also feels something for Anatol, she just doesn’t know how to respond to it.

 Anatol has known Evangeline for a long while and knows she has went though life without emotions, now he has to let her learn and hope she will start having feelings for him at some point. When they both meet Gregorio its not the best of times, he has to help keep Anatol from being beheaded. When Gregorio has them to move in with him  that’s when things start to heat up.

Just when you think Evangeline will start to give over to love, something happens and she wants to shut down again. This book has both a story and great sex so you don’t just get more than one. I suggest this to erotica lovers and paranormal romance lovers, there is use of magick.

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