Thursday, February 10, 2011

Giveaway Winners Post

All giveaways winners of each month are placed here. You can look at anytime you like. I do fall behind, but its not that long before I will add names below. I do try to get out emails to all the winners, so odds are if you won you got an email from me.

Please remember if you don't own a blog and you win a book authors do this to help promote their books, so make sure you spread the word about their book by any means you have. Thanks Laurie

Winners of January 2011
800 giveaway Joder
us monthly giveaway Loveangel123
international monthly giveaway Nathalie
Paranormal romance challenge winner Kelly @ reading the paranormal

Evanne Lorraine guest post giveaway is Books for company
Eve Langlais guest post winner is Diana
Valentines day winner is Megan Root
Virna DePaul winner is Danielle Gorman
PJ Schnyder guest post winners are Andrea I and Reading Against All Odd
Virginia Cavanaugh guest post winner is BLHmisstress
Roxanne Rhoads guest post giveaway winner is Mary
Anitra Lynn McLeod guest post winner is Ammy Belle
Stacey Kennedy guest post winner Cindy L

Misty Burke guest post winner is Kasumi
Monthly giveaway us winner for Feb. is Bea Conners
Monthly giveaway International for Feb. winner is elaing8
Monthly paranormal romance challenge giveaway for Feb. winner is Renaissance woman's reviews (I don't have an email so please email me for you book.)
1000 followers winner Jackie B
Theresa Myers guest authors post winner is Danielle Gorman
Evanne Lorraine guest post giveaway winner is Meredith
Lucky Leprechaun giveaway winner is Paranormal Opinion

Kate Douglas guest post winner is Carol t. and Winnie
Monthly giveaway winner for March us is loriann422
Monthly giveaway winner for March international is mikki-mano
Monthly paranormal romance challenge winner of March is vampiremistress2010
Winner of guest post Vivi Anna Glimmer is June M.
Stacey Kennedy, Keta Diablo, Amber Scott and Elise Hepner guest post winners are Diannelle and Ramblings of a part time Druid
Gena Showalters guest post winners are Tanya1224 AND ladyvampire2u
Ami Blackwelder guest post winner is The Jeep Diva
Eve Langlais Date with Death winner is Madame D
Eve Langlais The Last Minion Standing winner is Amy
Eve Langlais The Geek Job winner is DarkbloodVamp
Eliza Gayle guest post giveaway winner is Cecile Smutty Hussy
Stacey Kennedy's Whatnots and Doodads winner is Lizzielvr
Stacey's Kennedy's Bound Forever winner is Amy
Jae Lynne Davies guest post winner is Chrisbails
Hoppy Easter Eggstravagaza giveaway hop is MonaG

Apirl's monthly us winner is Melissa
Aprils Monthly international winner is Wendy
Aprils Paranormal romance reading challenge winner is Ashley at smashattackreads
Eve Langlais defying pack law review winner is IreneRJ
Deadly promise winner is Maria
Virginia Cavanaugh guest post giveaway winner is Michelle Bledsoe
Kristina Wright guest post giveaway winner is Ina Extra dream lover book giveaway winner is Redzem
Crysmym Hart guest post winners are Lindalou and Heather
Once Bitten, Forever Burned by Stacey Kennedy and Eve Langlais winner is DANIELA
Mysti Parker guest post winner is Julie
Blessed by Ann Mayburn promo giveaway winner is Danni
Lisa Darling guest post winner is Vidisha
Eve Langlais Accidental Abduction winner is Ronda

Splash into summer giveaway hop winner is Lyndsay H.
Changeling Moon promo winner is SiNn
May's international monthly winner is Kristina
May's us winner is Alycia
Annie Nickolas guest post winner is Gabrielle
18 & Over couples giveaway hop winner is Alyssa
paranormal romance reading challenge May winner is Jennifer
Stacey Kennedys A Warrior's Witch winner is Autum
Nora Watson promo of Guardian 2632 winner is Kate
Roxanne Rhoads guest post winner is Heykiddego
D.B. Reynolds guest post winner is LaurieLu
Catharina Shields guest post winners are Jessica, Vidisha, Krysta, Amanda and Rachel.
David Burton promo giveaway winners are KaraKairna, Jessica, June M, Jen B, and Maria
Elizabeth Amber's guest post winner is Alexa
Laurie London guest post winner is Felicia
Gabrielle Bisset guest post winner is Teresa K.
Lorhainne Eckhart promo giveaway winners are Lindalu,Winnie Berliantina, Diana and Janine.
Beg for Mercy review giveaway winner are Judy H.
Alex Severin guest post winner is Janae
Caris Roane interview winner is Fallen Vamp

Eve Langlais delicate Freakin' Flower giveaway winner is Stephanie
Stephanie Julian's guest post winners are Lolarific and Jen M
June's PNR reading challenge winner is Kelly
Eve Langlais Toxic winner is Jennifer
Sara Curran-Ross post winner Melliane and Offbeat Vagabond
Anitra Lynn McLeod character interview winner is Denise Z
Gayle Donnelly guest post winner is Michelle
Vicky Dreiling blog tour winners are Stephanie and Denise
Blogfest winner for July is Slyla1137
Cara Marsi guest post winner is Darlene
Marguerite Kaye guest post winner is Danielle
Anabelle Weston's Hunting Tucker winner is Mine Is Blessing
KH LeMoune winner is Teresa
Historical blog tour by forever winner is Annie

Paranormal romance reading challenge winner is Crystal
Audio Sherrilyn Kenyon of Retribution is Joder
Sherrilyn Kenyon Retribution book winner is Anne R
Lucy Felthouse guest post winner is Danielle Gorman
Sondrae Bisset guest post winner is Sarah
CONFESSIONS OF AN IMPROPER BRIDE Blog Tour Winners are: winnie and Audrey.
Eve Langlais Bunny and the Bear winners are Tina, Crystal at reading between the lines and Donna
Arial Burnz Midnight Conquest and Here’s Blood in Your Eye winners are: felinewyvern and Patti P
Clarrissa Lee Moon Nightwolves Coalition winners are: Sonali, Na and ruby95660
Claudy Conn Spellbound-Legend winner is Linda

Paranromal romance reading challenge winner is Linda H.
Rosalie Lario promo giveaway winner of Blood of the Demon is Aleksandra
Caris Roane interview winner is Lauren B
Dani Harper guest post winner is Sarah L
Lisa Kessler interview winner is JenniferLabelle
Stacey Kennedy book Promo giveaway winner Amanda W.
Virna DePaul interview winner is Ferishia
Dianna Hardy book Promo giveaway winner is Mary
Elisabeth Naughton guest post winner is Vanessa N
Vonda Sinclair interview winner is Blodevedd
18 and Over giveaway hop winner is Tina w
Eve Langalis Betraying the Pack winner is Nicole
B Jane Lawsons To the Cliffside winner is Kirsten
Ann Mayburn Guest Post winners are Seleste and alicia0605
Ruty Aisling Interview winners are KirstenF, Yto, Linda, Winnie, Lindalou
Tina Folsom book Promo giveaway winner is Alicia
Stephanie Julian book promo giveaway winner is Linda

Paranormal romance reading challenge winner is Crystal
Deborah Court guest post winner is ramblings of a part time druid, Emily and Changdray.
Octoberfest winners will be announced each Tuesday on the blog
Used book giveaway winner is Jessica

Stacey Kennedy Bind Me giveaway winner is Liz
Mary Abshire guest post winner is Sariah W.

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