Saturday, February 12, 2011

(Unofficial) Johanna Lindsey News!

When Passion RulesSo, FantasticFiction is BOSS!! #That's NOT all.
I use the site all the time and while looking up a favauthor, I stumbled upon some unofficial-ish developments. To the right is the cover to Lindsey's upcoming June release, 'When Passion Rules'. I got this pic off of the books amazon page that was linked on it's fantasticfiction page (audio book edition -which seems to have more info than the regular paperback, hardcover and kindle pages).
If this is how the paperback/hardcover will come out, I can't complain. Hot guy-back with a decent rump and imperial looking clothes on a chair. Has a nice feel to it, no?

And it's Johanna Lindsey.....I REALLY can't complain. I am hoping this latest book from her will wow like she usually does for me. (Last year, she released 'That Perfect Someone' and in my review, I let you guys know some things that didn't work for me.) I really want to fall in love again like I use to do when my TBR pile was filled with Lindsey's books (I've since read most, so I am in need or some more!).

There was also a blurb on the fantasticfiction and (audio book) amazon page. Here's the blurb:
"Assassin Leonard Kastner agrees to commit an abhorrent crime for an astronomical sum – kill the infant heir to the European kingdom of Lubinia. Just as he is about to carry out the heinous deed, the baby awakens…and smiles at him. Losing his heart to tiny Alana Stindal, Leonard sweeps her out of their homeland to safety in England where he conceals her true identity from her and gives her an education fit for a queen. Eighteen years later, when the king of Lubinia faces a revolt because he has not produced another legitimate heir, Leonard knows he must take Alana home to prevent a civil war. But at the Lubinian palace no one believes Alana is the missing princess. Christoph Becker, the captain of the palace guards, arrests Alana because he suspects she is a pretender or a seductive assassin. When the king recognizes Alana as his long-lost daughter he proudly betroths her to the one man he believes is capable of protecting her and eliminating the shadowy figures who are determined to destroy his dynasty – Christoph Becker."Source

Sounds like it's going to be a great book! Idk why I am getting Les Miserable/Anastasia sort of feel. Looks like this will be very historical fiction-ish than straight romance because we have the intriguing back story of the Assassin and trying to prove the identity of Alana. I hope it's not just squeezed into a super long prologue, because I think I want to read the back story almost as much as the romance part with Christoph!

(Finding info on Lindsey is like trying to find an ugly picture of Henry Cavill. Next to impossible She's an OG! lol. She doesn't have (or need) an official website, facebook, or anything else to keep us readers instantly updated. She just send her books to Simon and Schuster (who have published a few of her more current books through imprint-Gallery books) and we all just bow down and buy them, (or at least I do.) Like I said, I am really looking forward to this book which will be out June 15th, 2011!)


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