Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Write On, Teens!

I just heard about this on Miss Snark's First Victim's blog, and had to share. I'm not sure how many teens follow this blog. I should be so lucky, right? ;) But I'm always so amazed, and jealous of the things teens have these days that I would've killed for.

Industry blogs at my fingertips? Forums to connect with other writers, even other writers my own age. Fifteen years ago we teen writers were living in caves and scrawling in our spiral notebooks with *gasp* PEN! I know that sounds hard to believe, now that every family owns 3.8 computers (a statistic I just made up this second), but writing used to be a lonely business.

So if you're feeling lonely, young writers, know that others out there are lonely, or misunderstood, or just too smart for their own good. ;) There's no reason not to connect with others, learn, and grow as a writer. You'll have a head start that will not only help you improve as a writer, it may help you get published someday.

 So check it out today! If you're not a teen, tell one!

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