Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review The Genie of the Portrait by Misty Burke

Title:The Genie of the Portrait
Author:Misty Burke
Source: Requested review
Length: Novella
Genre: erotic paranormal romance- Genie
Authors website

Three nights of pleasure…will it be enough? 

Amanda had always been forgiving, until the night of her engagement. It was at that moment, when she found her fiancé banging the waitress in the bathroom, that she changed. Never again. Men were not going to use her ever again.

So when she found William’s portrait and learned that his sole purpose for existing was to please her, an electrifying relationship resulted. Her genie offered her three nights of pleasure. And Amanda quickly realized she wanted more.

My review:

I was very impressed with The Genie of the Portrait, it was a fun and very sexy to read. I liked the story and the meaning behind it. Misty tells a great tale in this novella it may be short, but she fits everything in very nicely. Oh, I almost forgot expect some very hot sex.

I liked Amanda. She finally shows strong when she throws out her cheating fiancé and she ends up giving him a life time of what he truly should be living. I am having a very hard time not telling what happened to her ex;, it was very deserving and fun to read. I liked William he is just what Amanda needed!

I recommend this to any erotic novella reader.

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