Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Twenty-Five Years Wasted...

Not me! I promise!

That was the theme of this year's Krewe du Vieux, for its 25th anniversary. It was a crazy time, lots of dancing and drinking and throws and friends. It was fun marching through the streets, right next to the crowds instead on up on a float, away from everything.
Here's our float all finished, but without the lights on. The little musicians are paper lanterns with sparkly tails: voilà, the Spermé Brass Band! (As opposed to the Treme Brass Band, who arrived late and drunk to play at my friends' wedding. C'est la vie!) I'll try to find another pic of it at night to post. I burned the crap out of myself putting the feathers on that Mardi Gras Indian!
Here's the first float with the KdV logo, and since you can see the next float in the background, I thought I show that one in all it's oily glory. As you can see, the floats are always pretty topical.

 The best parts of the floats are often the little details you don't see at first, like the signs on this one:

 And to finish things off, here's a picture someone took of my husband and me in the parade at Pics of the entire parade are here.

I'm the blue thing in the middle ground. ;) My outfit is made mostly of a blue tarp, which was a pretty common costume for the Halloween and Mardi Gras after Katrina, which is when the first season of Treme is set. It's Tremeja-vu all over again! My husband is supposed to be a sperm, but you can't see the big annoying tail he's got in this picture. You also can't tell from this picture, but I was dancing, and second lining like a maniac for most of the parade. This is near the end, since I'm almost out of beads, and my husband is covered in beer. Good times! I can't wait until next year!

Of course, next year, I'm going to take the next Monday off, because I needed an extra day to recuperate before going back to work. I wasn't the least bit sick, just sore from too much dancing. Seriously, I had a limp!

Don't forget about my contest, to win a little Mardi Gras Madness of your own! Hope you feel like funking it up!

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