Friday, February 11, 2011

Guest erotic paranormal romance author Eve Langlais and giveaway!

Please welcome Eve Langlais! 

Warning: Crazy contains scenes of violence, an actual vampire who drinks blood and a crazy girl who hears voices—and they don’t like you.

Just because a girl hears voices and weird shit happens around her doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve love? Or least that’s the premise in my novella Crazy.

Ella was institutionalized at a young age by parents who couldn’t deal with the fact their daughter heard voices. Even worse, the things Ella’s insidious voices tell her tend to be frightfully true.  But as we all know, not everyone can handle the truth.

Years later, having been raised in institution after institution and kept high on a cocktail of drugs, Ella’s given up on escaping the asylum, that is until a dashing stranger appears one night.

Zane is a vampire. Several hundred years old, he’s learned to be discreet when it comes to feeding his hunger, and what better blood buffet is there than your local insane asylum. After all, who’s going to listen to patients babbling  about demons sucking their blood? A perfect place for dining out, or so he thinks. What he didn’t count on was running in to a slip of a woman who wakes his curiosity along with his libido.

Intrigued, Zane rescues Ella, intending to debauch her, but Ella’s voices don’t like that particular plan and show it in entertaining ways. Could there be more to Ella’s friends in the attic of her mind than simple madness? Find out for yourself on this quick, yet wild ride that contains one eager-to-experience-life heroine and a delicious vampire who makes no bones about the fact he wants to suck your blood.

I’m not kidding when I state there’s violence in this tale. I like my monsters, even if they’re heroes, to be true to who they are. My vampires might fall in love, but they are also unrepentant bloodsuckers. And violence is a part of their nature. If you can handle a hero who doesn’t whine and cry about his fate, and a heroine who’s slightly nuts, then check Crazy out. Or even better, leave a comment and win a copy.

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