Friday, February 25, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway with Kat Martin

Happy Friday, everyone. The wonderful Kat Martin has stopped by to share with us her view on what us readers love about romance. Kat is also celebrating her latest release this week, which is 'Against The Law'. Commenters will have a chance to win a signed copy of 'Against The Wind' (Book 1) by commenting. Now, on to this interesting post!:
      by Kat Martin 

      It’s a question that dozens of people have tried to answer.  On Valentine’s Day, article after article attempted to explore the concept.  Non-fiction books are written about it, essays are printed.  Internet sites Chat about it.
      The truth is there is no single answer.

      From the time we’re teenagers, we’re thinking about finding a mate.  When we’re old and alone, our spouse long gone, we’re remembering the romantic days when we fell in love, the days of our lives we spent with someone we loved.       From the start, it’s a journey fraught with perils.  Today, with people living in cities, the odds of finding the right mate are mind-boggling.  Thousands of bars and restaurants, millions of people all searching for someone.  People turn to Internet dating just to improve their chances of finding a person with the same interests...someone they might have a chance to love.
      The same journey happens in a Romance novel and it is fraught with even more peril.  As the reader turns the pages, for a very brief time, he or she gets to feel all the wonderful emotions a man or woman feels when they fall in love. 
      In my latest book, AGAINST THE LAW, the third in the Raines Brothers Trilogy, Devlin Raines is a man whose heart has once been broken.  He’s determined never to fall in love again and he is dedicated to that end. 
      Until he meets the beautiful and talented Lark Delaney.  From that moment on, Dev is caught up in an emotional rollercoaster ride that carries him and Lark into deeper and deeper peril.
      Not only does he have to protect this woman he is wildly attracted to, but he has to guard his emotions, has to fight to keep himself from falling in love--which is the last thing Dev wants.
      And the best part about reading a Romance is that from the very first page, the reader secretly knows that whatever perils this couple faces, whatever suffering they endure, will all be worth it.
      Because by the last page of the book, these lovers going to get the happy ending they deserve, the forever kind of love.
      My heart is in these books, AGAINST THE WINDAGAINST THE FIREAGAINST THE LAW.  Not only did I love the brothers, Jackson, Gabe, and Devlin, but I loved the ladies who snared these hunky men. 
      When I finished AGAINST THE LAW, I didn’t want to let go.
      So I didn’t.
      In Dev and Lark’s story, AGAINST THE LAW, three of Dev’s friends show up to help him rescue Lark’s missing four-year-old niece.  Trace, Johnnie, and Jake were such amazing guys I knew I had to tell their stories. 
      Fortunately, Mira agreed, and in November, AGAINST THE STORM, Trace Rawlin’s story, is scheduled to hit the bookshelves.
      I’m hoping by the time readers finish the Raines Brothers Trilogy, they’ll be wanting more of the yummy AGAINST men and their sexy ladies, and that they’ll be watching for AGAINST THE STORM.
      Until then if you haven’t read AGAINST THE LAW, I hope you’ll look for it.  And don’t forget AGAINST THE WIND and AGAINST THE FIRE, the first two books in the trilogy.

      Until then, happy reading and all best wishes, Kat  

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