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Bitten's She-Wolf Pack Review Thursday for February

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For the month of February 2011
Title:  Past Pleasures
Author: Charlotte Stein
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When Kate agrees to a mad experiment with something as insane as time travel, she expects exactly what Professor Waites had suggested: dystopian nightmares and possible barbarians.

So when she finds herself in a future where women no longer exist and the men have no idea what they’ve been missing, she can’t seem to catch her breath.

Especially when the men in question—the darkly handsome Tem, and his starkly beautiful companion Aley, are so curious and so ready to learn everything she has to teach—including all the past pleasures they never knew existed.

~Ronda's ~
Review Rating: 4 - A Pack Howl
Sexual Rating:  Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

Interesting!  Stupidly Funny!
What an interesting take on time traveling into futuristic life where men only exist and just thinking of the possibility of it and the fact how they are portrayed as pure idiots just blows my mind.  The fact that it takes a woman to come into their future to show them how sex is one thought that just cracks me up.  When I say Stupidly Funny I mean “Comical”, so stupid it was funny and I laughed out loud several times at the comments or questions asked.
The story was pretty good for a short story and the characters were out of this world hilarious, however, when it came down to the erotic scenes it was 100% HOT!  I totally enjoyed a female showing a male-male couple how adding a women to the mix is twice the pleasure and the ending was justified as the woman ends up going back into the future for more HOT sex.

Review Rating:  3 - One Good Howl 
Sexual Rating:

This a quick and funny read, I found myself laughing out loud several times. Enter a world where women are nonexistent. When a woman suddenly pops in from the past, the men is stunned at first and then well *clears throat* you get the idea of what comes next, but what can you expect they have never laid eyes on a woman before. I recommend this for any who likes a quick hot m/f/m futuristic read.

Here is a quick tease
“There’s no such thing. It’s a replica! I told you the government had replicas.”
“I don’t think replicas look the way it does. It looks like a man.”
“It looks nothing like a man. Look how small it is! And it has boobles!”
Now it was the second one’s turn to roll his eyes.
“Those are not boobles. Perhaps they’re some sort of…growth. Maybe he’s wearing something under his clothes.”

Review Rating: 4 - A Pack Howl
Sexual Rating:  HOT

My inner geek was doing the happy dance reading this one -- a sci-fi erotic romance with a little humor thrown in.

When she volunteered to test the time-travel machine, Kate Connor expected to find a decimated planet inhabited by troll people in the year 3033. Instead when she “landed”, she found (among other things) two gorgeous men and a planet without women. Like all initial encounters, getting to know one another can be fraught with misunderstandings.

"He’d heard that the past had been full of feelings and people doing things that were really outrageous and extreme all the time, so to her he most likely looked like an aloof weirdo who wanted to probe her with things.
Next time. Next time she came -- oh, if she did, if she did -- he would be enthusiastic and animated. And shake her hand. And give her a cracker."

Just imagine, having to teach/learn sex-ed hands on! An entertaining story that contains enough heat and futuristic mumbo-jumbo to keep the pages turning!

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