Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rita's Harem: Manservant #002

Here's Manservant #002 in Rita's Harem ;) !
Edward Burns 
This guy is FIYAH!!! He makes me burn alright....o.0
I am not real familiar with his work; I've seen him around in lots of movies (most notable for me: 27 Dresses), but I am not a huge fan girl. He's just really HANDSOME.

Apparently he was in the movie One Missed Call and starred as a cop. I remember going to the theater to see that sucky-ass movie, but thinking about the cop that came on the screen: "My, oh my! He can protect me from some crazed killer anytime he wants." Nothing turns me on faster than a guy in a gun holster!
You guys should know how much I love war movies; almost as much as I love hot guys in war movies. One of my fav's is Saving Private Ryan, and Mr.Burns was in that movie as well. There were so many hotties in that one; including Manservant #001-Barry Pepper!
He just looks so clean cut yet scruffy. I love it. He's older now than when he was in most of the pics I've got above, but he's still delicious. Too bad he's married. Mrs.Burns is a lucky woman!... Shh, he's still a member of my Harem ;)
Feel free to gush with me about the hawtness of Edward, or share your ideal harem man servants. I'll be posting more harem members more frequently, so look out for that. Man candy and romance books go hand in hand!

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