Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More on Kindle—a .99 Experiment

I recently read a Blog post on pricing your book for Kindle sales and I’ve decided to try an experiment. My books sell “pretty good” on Kindle and I’m “satisfied” with the results I’ve seen. But after consulting with another author who also has her books listed, I’ve decided to drop my Kindle books to 99 cents each for one month. See a list of my books with their links to Kindle in the left column of this Blog page.

For 15 years I ran a small business in California. My theory was, if I marketed quality service along with a great product at the lowest price possible, I would excel above other businesses in my field—it worked. At age 42, I was able to sell the business and retire. Not a bad deal!

Now I’m not insinuating that by lowering my book prices to 99 cents I will become a millionaire, but if I presently sell only 20 books a month at $4.99, wouldn’t I be better off selling 200 books at 99 cents? The nice thing about e-books is that there are no additional expenses related to the sale (printing, shipping, etc.) and no real risk on my my part.

So this will be my experiment with Kindle and I will be sure to let you all know how successful it is. And if you’ve ever wanted to read any of my books, and you have a Kindle Reader, get them now, because I have a funny feeling I’ll be re-setting the price tag next month—but we’ll wait and see!

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