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Review: Blind Devotion by Lucynda Storey

Blind Devotion
Blind Devotion
Lucynda Storey
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Publish date:  8/3/2007
Sexual Content: Some Explicit Scenes

Fantasy Romance
Review Requested

In this  highly sensual tale, Azari has no idea her life is about to change irrevocably. Unwittingly, she has awakened two mythical beings intent on taking her virginity. Escaping to an isolated cabin, Azari meets an unlikely protector, Tor, the High Priest of Eiliki. Together, Azari and Tor face the greatest challenges of their lives - survival. Will Tor-s blind devotion to the Goddess prevent him from accepting the greatest gift he-s ever been given, or will the dogma of his religion and his own past keep him from making the right decision?



Awesome Fantasy Romance!

Magic is in play in this awesome story. A Mage (wizard), a woman to love, a goddess to please, a dragon and a big wild cat fighting over a virgin brings this story to a climax that is unexpected. Tor the Mage (Wizard) who happens to be High Priest and Azari’s (woman) fate has been intertwined as they learn they are made to be each other’s mate and future.

The adventure begins as Tor takes Azari’s virginity and protects her as best he can from the mythical creatures. The story between the Dragon and the Wild Cat unfolds the truth to the long told myth and filled with action as Tor and Azari make their run to safety.

The romance and erotica scene is pretty steamy. I loved Azari’s character for I could totally relate to her attitude of independence and wanting to have equality and her choice of free will of her own choices. Tor’s character was a strong Alpha type of male that is used to giving the orders and I found him more likable once he started seeing Azari’s point. The story ends with new beginnings and an HEA that will have you smiling in the end.


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