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Review: Guardian 2632 by Nora Weston

Guardian 2632
Guardian 2632
Nora Weston
Published:  Jan 29, 2011

Futuristic Romance / Sci-fi
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Travel through time with Dr. Zane Grayson, executive director of Guardian TMF…a monstrous time traveling facility, as he fights against corruption, Elites, Time Mercs, and his own obsession with time surfing to realize his future may actually exist in the past, 1998 to be exact. Guardian 2632—a story of epic proportions depicting what a man will sacrifice to save a life.



Interesting Read!

A very interesting Sci-fi, a sci-fi full of mind boggling adventures that will have your head spinning with all the twist and turns. If you’re into a sci-fi world than you will definitely enjoy this futuristic world full of neat gadgets, weapons, computers, and the intelligence mode of the sci-fi.

This is not a fast read, it took me a while to get into the book because the first 50 pages set the scenes up of how the time travel and daily lives of 2632 was spent and how it had come about to the point in time.

I find it hard to explain the romance in this book because even though it was about love, 3/4s of the book was the adventures Dr. Zane Grayson had to go through first in order to get back to his love Julia and his daughter Lindsay. There are no love scenes, only kissing. However by half of the book the story kicked off and hooked me and I had to find out what happened next.

What’s fascinating is that Dr. Zane Grayson was addicted to time surfing into the past and would do it on his free time which was against the rules but he loved fixing the past to change the outcome of events. Even though he could of been killed on the spot if anyone found out, he didn’t let that stop him.

But during his time surfing into the past he learns that the organization has kept a secret from him, a secret that he had once fallen into a worm hole that took him into 1998 and left him there for a few days before they could recover him. However, during the short stay he meets Julia and they have a one night stand of pleasure before he is snatched back into the year 2632.

Through his addiction of time surfing, Dr. Grayson finds out about Julia and wonders why he is so drawn to her. He almost goes into shock to learn of her life story of abuse and the fact that he was her one night stand lover and the child she has is his, so he finds himself wanting to know more about her so he can go back in time to try to change the events. The adventure starts from there and it amazing everything he goes through just to get to be with the one he loves.

I liked Dr. Zane Grayson's character; he was definitely a bad ass when it came to fighting, not only physically but mentally. My heart went out to Julia as I learned of her life of abuse from her husband and I was so glad Zane went back in time to save Julia's life so he could have his life with her.

Even though my usual reads are paranormal romance/erotica, I will definitely remember this sci-fi story.


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