Sunday, February 20, 2011

ARC Review Wild Desire by Lori Brighton

Title: Wild Desire
Author: Lori Brighton
Source: Requested review
Genre: Historical romance/paranormal romance
Length: Novel
Authors Website

In what feels like a moment, Beatrice Edmund goes from being a proper lady cooped up in a stuffy Scottish castle to traveling miles from anything she’s ever known, in the midst of the wildest adventure of her life. And at the center of that adventure is the most infuriating, puzzling scoundrel on earth. She cannot take her eyes off him.

 Colin Fitch cannot deny he’s drawn to Beatrice—but lust is all he could possibly feel for the sharp-tongued minx. Still, if there’s a chance she can help him stop the madman he pursues, he must withstand her obvious disapproval. Yet withstanding the longing he feels for her is growing more troublesome by the second… And Colin has never been terribly good at staying out of trouble..

My Review:

In all fairness I have to say this before you read my review. I read this 548 page book on my computer and I normally stick with novellas or a book around 300 pgs. So because of the length I am afraid it has affected my reading and reviewing of this book. I can only sit on my chair and read for so long then I am antsy and want to move on, so please keep this in my while reading this review.

Wild desire is a very dangerous sexy adventure set in India. I found the story fell in the middle for me. I liked it yet, I didn’t like it. I really liked the adventure, the India setting and the paranormal elements in the story. The author also placed a few surprises along the way. What I didn’t care for was the back and forth relationship between the hero and heroine and the story did drag. Overall this is a good read, but one you can sit down and go back to later. I will say for those that loves emotional main characters problems, this will be right up your ally.

Beatrice leaves her castle to visit her cousin Leo and his new wife Ella. She never expected to be left alone with a madman Colin, He irritates her to no end and on top of that they have men trying to kill them. So she gets pulled in to an adventure that has all kinds of danger. She is scarred and tries her best to help. The thing is are they after him or her? He has special powers, but she has special blood. While these two are running for their lives they both find an attraction between for other. They just fight it the whole way.

You fainted.
He scoffed, pushing up onto his elbows. Don‘t be ridiculous. I‘m a man and an American, we don‘t faint.
She lifted one dark brow and leaned back on her heels. Well, then you took a nap, a very deep, very long nap. 

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