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Dead Faint by Lizzie T. Leaf

Title: Dead Faint
Series: Dead Done Right Book Two
Author: Lizzie T. Leaf
Author’s Website:
Source: Requested Review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: PDF
Length: Novella
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Billie Joyce’s life-time dream of visiting New York City comes true, but the life changing experience is totally different than what she anticipated.

The blonde angel who saved her from death is one of the living dead and now, so is Billie Joyce. Problem is, she faints at the sight of blood. To make things more frustrating, she has to contend with a man who can find nothing right with her. Of course, he would have to be the one who creates more sensations in her body than she ever had when she was alive.

Marcus fights his attraction to the lavender eyed beauty who talks like she stepped out of My Fair Lady. After all, he’s no Henry Higgins, plus he got over the sex thing centuries ago. Besides, as the new King of the Vampires, who has time for women?



Dee's Thoughts:

Billie Joyce has had and is having some crappy luck. She is attacked in an alley and left for dead. Then her guardian angel appears and Billie Joyce is granted a new life, however it is an undead new life as a vampire. The real kicker is Billie Joyce can’t stand the sight of blood and each time she tries to feed she faints. Now she must face her past or her new life will be short lived as well.

Daniel is irate to discover Dovey has not only transformed a human, but has left her in his care. To add to his irritation this beautiful, soft bodied woman is stirring urges he hasn’t felt in years. Giving into those urges brings Daniel face to face with the fact he wants this woman as a wife and this women is hell bent on refusing him.

Billie Joyce’s character is from the south. Therefore, there is a lot of southern slang throughout the novella. I found her slang to be a bit of overkill. That is saying a lot since I am southern. It was used to such a degree that Billie Joyce became annoying and appeared less than intelligent.
Daniel seemed to find more things he didn’t like about Billie Joyce than things he did. With this factor it was hard to envision a true connection between the characters.

What I enjoyed about this novella is the continuation of Aaron and Dovey‘s story. This part of the novella made it all worth the read. Love this couple!

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