Monday, February 21, 2011

Review of POWER PLAY by Xondra Day

Xondra Day
Evernight Publishing
Published January 17, 2011
ISBN# 9781926950174
Erotic - EBook
Novelette - 35 pages
Author Request Review
Evernight Publishing

Daria Desmond is a woman hell bent on exploring not only herself, but also the boundaries of her marriage. With the firm belief that variety is the spice of life, she heads into the adventure of a lifetime with a most agreeable husband. Her life is an erotic journey of self discovery, and in the end, only one thing matters—her marriage and the bond that comes with it.

Be Warned: multiple partners, bondage, forced seduction, sex games, brief m/m interaction.

My Ratings


Daria and Tom’s marriage is on the verge of collapse and divorce is imminent. However, they do love one another and agree to try therapy to save their marriage.

A large part of their therapy sessions had been about breaking boundaries. Dr. Rogers encouraged them to learn outside their comfort zones.

And that, My Dear Readers is a call for sex exploration, and the only reason why I gave this a Sexual Rating of 3. Daria and Tom’s foray outside their comfort zones include role playing (sex with strangers, intruders), ménage, a bit of D/s, and some of what is mentioned in the blurb above. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any heat, passion, HAWTNESS, sizzle, spark, snap, crackle, or pop.

The author tries to weave somewhat of a story in between the sex scenes. The story is told from Daria’s view point and she has a career as the editor of a women’s fashion magazine. Regrettably, her behavior is inexcusable. And then about three-quarters way through the book, Daria goes from bitch to pussy cat in less than sixty seconds. Go figure.

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