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Guest paranormal romance author Mary Abshire

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To bite or not to bite?

I love vampires. Always have. They are sexy most of the time, strong, mysterious, powerful, and . . . I'm sure you have your own version. And what about those fangs? Yes, those are appealing to. The fangs make the vampire dangerous. I like dangerous. Then I'm thinking, do I want to be bitten with those fangs? It has to hurt—two sharp razors piercing the skin. Why would anyone want a vampire to bite them?

Because it's a turn on, right? Gets the carnal juices flowing. The big, bad vamp holds you in his strong arms, gently bites into your neck, and tenderly sucks on your blood. Bite me vamp man!

Ok, so when writing a romance book with a vampire, the vamp has to bite. It's a given. The question changes to how much biting and where? Do I have your attention? (smile)

In my first Soul Catcher novel, Claiming the Evil Dead, I kept it somewhat clean with not too much biting. When I started writing the next novel, Catching an Evil Tail, I knew I had to add more. Biting on the neck was no longer enough. I'm not going to tell you how much or where he bites. I wouldn't want to spoil any of the book. (smile) As I keep writing in the series, I wonder if biting gets old. I want the emotion and relationship between the characters to remain strong and fresh. I hope I am meeting that goal.

As a reader, do you get tired of reading about the bites or does it completely not matter because you get involved with the characters and what's going on between them? And for fun, would you want a vamp to bite you if you met one?

My Bio:

I am a Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Author. The paranormal has always been an interest of mine. In my youth, I grew up watching sci-fi and horror shows. I started writing for fun in my twenties, but never pursued a writing career. Now that I am much older, I can. Love for the dark, mysterious, dangerous, and out of the ordinary is part of my soul. Besides reading and writing during my spare time, I enjoy chatting with others with similar passions. If you want drop me a line, I can be found at,,,

In the Soul Catcher series: Claiming the Evil Dead is available now. Catching an Evil Tail is due out 2/21/2011 and the Fighting Evil is due out 3/21/2011.

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