Sunday, November 21, 2010

review Letting Go by Dee Carney

Letting Go
Author Dee Carney
Erotica romance eBook- m/f/m
Authors website

Kane has to convince his best friend Nadine of two things. First, it’s time for her to stop mourning her deceased fiancé. Second – and most importantly – Kane has fallen in love with her.

Nadine knows if she can move past Justin’s death, the tentative feelings she’s denying Kane will blossom. Only she can’t seem to move on. Desperate, she turns to a psychic for help so she can say the final goodbyes she’d been denied years before.

For one night, Kane, Nadine and Justin will face the grief threatening to break down a friendship and turn to a love that will make them whole again.

My review


A erotic read that’s not only sexy, but very compassionate. I loved this short novella it has a very sweet story that’s not just over the top with sex. You get a ménage of M/F/M (with back door action), Voyeurism, Ghosts and great characters. I would recommend this to erotic readers and paranormal romance readers that loves a little ghost sex action;)

There is some sexy voyeurism scenes, one that is in a restaurant and well you never know what goes on under someone else table *wicked grin*. I really enjoyed the characters Nadine is still very emotional over the death of her fiancé. You would think she would have moved on by now, but everyone is different. You just have to read to find out how she got past her barrier. I will say its not something you would even think would happen. Kane, I really liked, he doesn’t push even though he is about to blow his top to be more than just a friend to Nadine. 

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