Monday, April 12, 2010

Review Spark of Magic by Trista Ann Michaels

Spark of Magic
Author; Trista Ann Michaels
Erotic Trade 180pgs

Book description
Nicholas and Darien had promised their father they would find Rebecca and keep her safe from the warlock who was determined to see her dead. What they never intended was falling in love with her.
Rebecca thought dealing with her magical powers was bad enough. Dealing with the identical twin warlocks sent to protect her, as well as her growing attraction to them, was much worse. Until she finds herself the target of the madman who killed her parents.

But Sabastian has so much more in store for the threesome, plus a surprise of his own that will shock everyone. It's not just her life at stake anymore, it's the fate of her entire world and she'll have to learn how to better use her powers before it's too late.
Laurie's review
rating 2/5
sexual HOT
If looking for just smutt, this one is a good one for just that. I liked the storyline had a lot of potential to bad it wasn’t watered and let grow. This book has some BDSM very mild, anal, M/F/M, F/M, bondage, and just good smutt. This story is not only about Rebecca, Nicholas and Darien its also has Tony and Marcus finding each other. So you get two couples finding each other and having hot sex. I really felt no connection between all the couples. It’s hard to put two couples together fall in love with lots of sex an a storyline and it be really good in say 174 pages. If you get this book cheap enough its wroth the try.

Spoilers below
Rebecca is a witch and she doesn’t know it. She has had some bad dates in the last few months and cant seem to get laid. She is out with a guy and she sees him put something in her drink, so she makes the waitress spill something on him, so they go home. In the mean time unknowing to Rebecca two warlocks are watching her. Nicholas and Darien are looking for a witch to share as in mate and for a witch they are charged to protect form Sebastian they hope Rebecca is the one. Rebecca and Tonya sees a dog and he stills her keys they chance off after him and end up in a hedonistic Club owned by Nicholas and Darien things are never the same.

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