Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reach for Happiness! - Episode Three

If you can handle the intense drama, keep reading for another emotion-fueled episode of "Reach for Happiness!" from Secret Hearts #112 (June 1966) as illustrated by Gene Colan.* The last time we took a trip to Danville Corners, the old beau of Rita Philips, Ray Silva, had snuck his way back into Rita's life to tell her that he wasn't through with her.

Rita is in love with Dr. Greg Marsh and doesn't hesitate in letting Ray know. Ray teases her about it, believing Greg is just giving Rita the runaround. In a moment of intense passion and rage, Rita slaps Ray for his cruelty.

Ray stands in shock after Rita's display of aggression -- for at one time she was grateful to him for taking a chance on her as no one ever had. The two ex-lovers seem to come to terms, but Rita fears that Ray will get in the way of her potential future with Greg.

Meanwhile, Lila and Roger Smathers are preparing for a dinner party to celebrate the homecoming of their godchild, Karen. While setting the table, Lila and Roger get into it with their teenage son Ritchie who took the car without permission the night before. Interrupting their disciplinary procedures is Lila's father who insists that Richie have the best life has to offer. Lila and Roger abhor the spoiling of their son. In a vindictive move, Lila's father reminds her that Roger owes everything he has to him.

A few hours later, the party for Karen begins. All invited guests seem to be in attendance except Dr. Greg Marsh. With loving feelings for the doctor creeping back in, Karen is devastated that he is a no-show.

Unbeknown to Karen, Greg wants to attend the party but Rita's jealousy prevents him leaving her side. He stays with Rita and Karen is left at her party heartbroken at his absence.

And that, my friends, is where this episode ends!

I don't know about you, but I am most interested at this point in the Roger and Lila storyline -- why does Roger owe everything to her father and why is he guilt-tripping them? Only time will tell!!!

*Scans for this episode most generously provided by Pat Curley of the blog, Silver Age Comics!

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