Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sorrento Hotel - Hunt Club Bella-Edward cocktail

From the Puget Sound Business Journal and in honor of Twlight and the release of New Moon:

Sorrento Hotel enters the “Twilight” zone with the Bella-Edward Cocktail

With “New Moon,” the second in a series of films based on Stephanie Meyer's popular “Twilight” vampire romance novels opening soon, the Hunt Club at the Sorrento Hotel has created a ghoulish new cocktail honoring Meyers’ star-crossed lovers, Bella and Edward.

A sweet-and-sour combination of balsamic vinegar reduction, honey liqueur and raspberry vodka, the cocktail represents “the forces of good and evil, light and dark and the passion and restraint of the romance” between Bella and Edward -- according to a Sorrento press release. It also looks like someone cut an artery preparing it.

The Sorrento’s recipe: Line the inside rim of a well chilled martini glasss with a balsamic reduction. Add a teaspoon of raspberry puree to the bottom of the glass. Combine two ounces of raspberry vodka, one ounce of Krupnik Honey Liqueur and ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake well and pour into the chilled glass. Watch the balsamic reduction drip slowly down the side of the glass into the blood-red pool of raspberry puree below.

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