Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cynthia Eden interview and giveaway of I'll be Slaying You

Paranormal and suspense writer Cynthia Eden is here today (WOOHOO!)So, Lets give her a big welcome.

Laurie-Do you have a favorite place you go to write?

Cynthia-I recently transformed a storage room in my house into an office—so now I actually have my own writing space (yay!). The new room has a great picture window that lets me stare out when I need inspiration. It’s a quiet, cozy space, and I love escaping inside to write.

Laurie-What is your favorite type of man you like to write about? My biggest reason for asking this is because most authors like to write about as you call them GQ or fantasy men, but what I really like about your books you don’t, and it makes the book more real at least to me.

Cynthia-I don’t like to write about perfect men. Don’t get me wrong, I like to write about heroes who are strong and sexy, but they’re flawed too (aren’t we all?). My goal is to get the reader to care about the hero in spite of his flaws—or maybe even *because* of them. I enjoy heroes who can kick-ass, romance a heroine, and still have a sense of humor that will peek through even the most dangerous of moments.

Laurie-Have you ever had a character that gave you a lot of trouble to write? If so who and why?

Cynthia-One of the most challenging characters for me was my demon Niol (from MIDNIGHT’S MASTER). In the previous Midnight books, I had set Niol up as a rather bad guy. Okay, he was just bad. But with MIDNIGHT’S MASTER, I needed to transform him into the hero of the book and still keep the edge he’d shown previously. Niol was never going to be a candlelight and flowers kind of guy—his life was more blood and death. So I felt like I needed to keep his darkness but show the emotion he was capable of feeling. Ah, Niol, you were a challenge!

Laurie-Do you have a favorite paranormal character in your Night Watch books? If so who and why?

Cynthia-Sandra “Dee” Daniels may be my favorite heroine (she’s in I’LL BE SLAYING YOU). Dee spends her nights hunting vampires and she spends her days—um, waiting for nightfall so that she can hunt. She’s physically very strong, but emotionally she’s fragile. I enjoyed her character so much because Dee always got to say exactly what she thought (anytime and anyplace). I want to be as bold and brave as Dee!

Laurie-Do you have any idea how many books you’re going to write in your Night Watch series?

Cynthia-I have written three books so far. ETERNAL HUNTER (01/10) Is the first book, I’LL BE SLAYING YOU (07/10) is the second, and the third book is ETERNAL FLAME (12/10) is the third. ETERNAL FLAME focuses on my hybrid demon, Zane, and that story was another very fun one to write!

There is one more couple that I’d like to write about in the Night Watch group. I can’t say anything 100% definite about that, but there was a certain cop in this series that really interested me.

Laurie-You write both suspense and paranormal, do you have a favorite between the two you like to write the best?

Cynthia-I love ‘em both. One of the things I’ve learned is that even when I’m writing my paranormals, I let suspense elements creep into the story. Switching back and forth between paranormals and suspense gives me the chance to refresh my mind a bit, and I feel very lucky to be writing in two genres that I enjoy so much.

Laurie-Cynthia, I seen on your website you have a new suspense trilogy/series coming out, can you give us some insight about this trilogy/series? And can you tell us a little on the characters that we will be reading about?

Cynthia-I’ll be happy to share! Thanks for asking! The first book in my upcoming “Deadly” series is DEADLY FEAR. DEADLY FEAR will introduce readers to the FBI agents in the SSD (the Serial Services Division). These agents track and apprehend serials—serial killers, arsonists, kidnappers, and rapists. The heroine of DEADLY FEAR is Monica Davenport. She’s a top profiler with a very dark past. When she is teamed up with her ex-lover, they are tasked with tracking a killer who turns his victims’ worst nightmares into reality.

I’ve written three Deadly books so far. In February of 2011, DEADLY HEAT will be available, and then in March of 2011, DEADLY LIES will be released. I’m hoping readers enjoy the new series!

Laurie-Do you have anything your working on now, you can share?

Cynthia-Yes! I was hoping you’d ask this question. I recently turned in a new paranormal romance to my editor at Kensington Brava. The hero of this particular book is a Fallen Angel of Death and my heroine is a vampire. A very unlikely pairing. If my hero wants redemption and to rise again, all he has to do…is kill the heroine.

Thanks! Cynthia for taking time to visit us and letting us in on some of your work.

You can find out more about Cynthia here Cynthia's website

Now time for the giveaway. Cynthia has been so kind as to giveaway one copy of I'll be Slaying You. This is open to US and Internationally.

Please leave comment or question and say you wanted to be entered and add you email. This way I know who wants to be entered. This giveaway will run for one day so please enter by 6:00am on the 21st.

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