Monday, September 26, 2011

Book promo giveaway of Stephanie Julian Spell Bound
Release day is Sept 27, 2011

Magic has always fascinated me.
That’s not a revelation to anyone who reads my stories. Magic infuses all of my Etruscan series. Werewolves, fairies, deities—magic is integral to their lives. The lucani wouldn’t be able to transform into wolves without it. The folletti couldn’t fly. And the deities wouldn’t exist without it.
Magic, in my world, is power, and power can be a dangerous thing. It can be used for good or for evil and sometimes the lines blur.
What would you do to keep your beloved brother safe from an evil that would turn him into a monster? Who would you use to avenge the death of your father? How do you keep yourself from going crazy through a seemingly eternal life?
Do you hold to your convictions? Or do you let the darkness overtake you?
The Malandante are born bad and use their magic to gain power and wealth and to make sure they keep it through any means possible. For centuries, they’ve been the bane of the Etruscan community and the rest of the world, though they keep their exposure to the rest of the world to a minimum.
And 500 years ago, a Malandante, furious with grief over the death of his son, placed a curse on a group of Etruscan streghe (witches). He cursed them to outlive their loved ones and to never again bear a daughter.
Curses are tricky things. The wording, in particular.  And in SPELL BOUND, the first book in the Darkly Enchanted series, you’ll get to see the consequences of a poorly worded curse.
SPELL BOUND takes place within the same Etruscan community as the Magical Seduction, Lucani Lovers and Forgotten Goddesses series. Only, SPELL BOUND was written first.
It takes place before the events of SEDUCED BY MAGIC, the first published story about the Etruscans. It has a set of characters you’ve not yet met…but who’ll you’ll be seeing a lot more of.

She’s running from fate…
Shea Tedaldi is the only thing standing between her six-year-old brother and the men who killed their parents. Descendants of the ancient Etruscan magical race, Shea and her brother keep powerful secrets that make them the targets of the evil Malandante. They’ve been looking for a safe haven but the bad guys are gaining on them and Shea needs a hero, a guardian who won’t falter in the face of danger…

He’s looking for the key to break the spell…
Gabriel Borelli is a warrior born to protect the Etruscan witches living under a curse. He’s dedicated to breaking the spell and avenging the murder of his father by the Malandante. He won’t let anything—or anyone—get in his way. Not even the one woman who may hold the key to his quest…and his heart.

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