Saturday, September 10, 2011

Book promo giveaway: The Witching Pen Dianna Hardy

This is a quirky, fast-paced, adult paranormal romance with a strong urban fantasy undertone.

Blurb: Elena is a witch with a very special gift. She can make stories come to life with a pen. When she discovers that imagination can become reality at the stroke of her nib, she thinks it's the best thing to have ever happened … until she meets Nathaniel. With an inexplicable hypnotic hold over her, he is a demon with a familiar face that lurks in the shadows of her world, impervious to her Witching Pen, and determined to make her create the world as he would have it – with her at his side.

In order to prevent the creation of a demon dimension on Earth, and to keep her soul intact, Elena must uncover all of Nathaniel's secrets to overcome him. But what she uncovers only seems to draw her further into his world and to the demon himself, and when the final stone is turned, what she discovers could be the very thing that ends up killing her...
Book length: novella (37,000+ words)

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Karl's limbs were starting to hurt, because he was stiff as a board. He didn't dare move. If he moved, he may just lash out and hit something. Hearing that Elena was in any way drawn to the demon was enough to churn his blood, but hearing that he – it – wanted to claim her, had violated her through her dreams, had his blood boiling with an anger very few people had the misfortune to witness. He remembered the scream she'd let loose that had pierced the night. He'd touched her … he'd touched her.

What the hell was “claiming” her supposed to mean anyway? Elena belonged to no one – she wasn't some kind of possession...

The thought of someone forcing himself upon her sickened him. But this wasn't someone, this was something. Once again, this was a magical incident – once again, he would be rendered useless and unable to do anything to help. Because he was not magical.

He gritted his teeth. If anyone thought he was about to lie down and just let Elena be seduced by some demon, they had another thing coming, magic or no magic.

Elena's pinched tone brought him out of his thoughts. “How do I stop him?”

“I don't know that you can.” A crack sounded in Mrs Green's voice. The woman's façade was breaking – twice he'd noticed this since she'd arrived and it was twice more than he'd have expected. Maybe he should be relieved that she wasn't a complete ice queen, but he was more worried about what it meant.

“Then … how do I stop more planes going down? How do make sure he can't control what I write?”

“I'm not sure of that either. You'll have to try and fight him, or use a protection spell before you sleep; he can only reach you in your dreams – that's the only time he's corporeal. Any other time, he's just a shadow … maybe have Karl protect you...” She said this reluctantly, her disdain audible. He was used to it by now. He'd always assumed it was because she didn't want her daughter losing her powers to him – he was the ultimate threat to her and her lineage. Until now.

He spoke for the first time since she'd gotten here. “Maybe we should tell The Council.”

“Really, Karl … and what do you know of The Council?”

“Mum, stop it – you can't ask Karl to protect me one minute, then treat him like shit the next.” Elena's voice was trembling. She didn't usually speak out against her mother.

I guess feeling responsible for a plane full of people dying will alter your priorities, thought Karl, wryly.

Mrs Green exhaled sharply. “Fine. But we're not involving The Council. They'll turn your lives upside down to solve any problem.”

“If people are dying, is that really an issue?” asked Karl.

A smirk turned up the corner of the woman's mouth. “They'll, interrogate you, leave no stone unturned and nothing you hold dear will belong to you any more, it will belong to them – you have no idea, boy.”

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