Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time Travel Tuesdays - "Rancho of Golden Dreams" Cowgirl Romances #2 (1950)

It's that time again, Time Travel Tuesday! Today's story, "Rancho of Golden Dreams" is from the Fiction House publication, Cowgirl Romances #2 (1950). It is currently National Hispanic Heritage Month, so this epic romance tale set in "Old California" is quite fitting. One of the few representations of Hispanics in romance comics, this story is less about leading lady Dolores and her search for romance and more about her quest to save her father's estate. The story (credited to Augustine Martinez) is a little intricate, so here it is in its entirety -- courtesy of the Digital Comic Museum!

Click to enlarge!

I have a few other stories for Hispanic Heritage Month planned, so be sure to check back through October!

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