Friday, September 23, 2011

Book promo giveaway! To the Cliffside by B Jane Lawson

Too late.  One minute I was shifting gears the next I was bolting out of my seat to the sound of a sharp wrap on my window.  I turned and looked at the man to my left.  My traitorous jaw inexorably unhinged itself. Sheeeez-us.
         Hunched down in order to make eye contact with me, in an SUV no less, was one of the most roguishly sexy men I had ever seen – celebrity or otherwise. I think I was holding my breath because I started to feel the black tentacles creep in around my eyes and inhaled in order to keep from fainting. The last thing I needed to do was faint in front of this MAN.  I rolled down the window, going against everything my mother ever taught me about approaching strangers.  I should have kicked my car in gear and floored it out of there, but something in his expression told me that would be very unwise.
         I stared into his eyes, which were a dark gold, and took in the thick curly hair, which appeared to be a jet black in the night sky.  I couldn’t quite place his unmatched features –  a strong nose, chiseled jaw and cheekbones and a full bottom lip.  I’m not even sure I could call him handsome, but there was such an overt sexuality to his features that I felt hot all over. And that was just his face.  He wasn't wearing what I'd call ample clothing for a night in the 40s. From his threadbare t-shirt I could make out a body honed to perfection. Not a bodybuilder, though. More like ex-military; one of those special forces operatives who exudes power and stealth, and could run ten miles just as easily as he could bench press a few hundred pounds.  
  The energy he emanated abraded my nerves, making me feel like a riotous mass of electrical wires.  It was not on the same frequency as any human I've ever met.  I've had limited interaction with people who emitted energy like mine so I was both fascinated and afraid.  I wasn’t naïve enough to believe that all power was good power, but was interested enough to stick around and find out.

To the Cliffside: A Morganna Cork Paranormal Romance

Morganna Cork has lived twenty-four uneventful years in Los Angeles under the thumb of her overbearing mother. The only thing barring her from a totally average existence is that she’s got a secret, magical ability to heal herself and others.  
An encounter with her mother results in exile to the small coastal town of Puesta del Sol.  There, she will be a guest and employee at the Cliffside Inn, owned by her estranged cousin Maeve. Morganna resigns herself to a winter of work and boredom in this one-horse town. 
Everything changes when she accidentally pulls into the driveway of the devastatingly sexy Callupo Stone.  Instantly she is attracted to the infuriating man who makes no bones about his lack of interest, even if he seems to be right behind her at every turn. The sparks fly as she does her best to thwart his every attempt to corral her.
She soon discovers that she’s not the only one with gifts.  There is an entire community of people known as Magicks,  each unique and powerful in their own right.
As Morganna undertakes a journey of self-discovery and determination, she befriends Anya, the spunky, sassy, sometimes employee of the Cliffside and bearer of town gossip.  Together, they begin to unearth the mysteries surrounding the strange reappearance of a vindictive villain, on a quest for power, in which Morganna finds herself directly in the middle. Simultaneously, they witness the succession struggles of a secret society, in which Callupo and many of their close friends are members, whose existence and purpose eludes them. 
Morganna undergoes a radical transformation of self as she becomes an unsuspecting participant in a Magickal war that has been thirty years in the making.  



Two winners can choose either the e-book, nook or Kindle version. Simply leave a comment, ask a question or list your favorite alpha character of all time.

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