Monday, September 13, 2010

650 follower giveaway


I cant believe 658 followers woohoo! during BlogFest. This was going to be a 600 givaway but I rounded it off to 650 and will start counting at 658. I want to give a huge thanks for my old followers and new ones. Also to the authors that stop in and help with their guest post and interviews a special thank you to you guys! I want to do a special giveaway this time around. I hope you guys will like it. The books I gave away in BlogFest was a gift from a friend named Cathy, she works at Bettie's used books where I get most of my books. In return I went to Bettie's to get the books for this giveaway. Now this giveaway will be a little different I bought two books of each genre of romance and added two bookmarks. This way if you don't like paranormal you can pick an historical and so on. For each 15 followers I get there will be another winner.

Here is the rules.
1. You have to be a follower
2. Pick the # books you'd want if you win.
3. post a comment with that number and your email and any extras you have. please try to make one post.
4. This will be for US and Canada only.

+1 for an new follower
+2 for a old follower
+2 for a blog post
+1 for twitter or facebook
+1 for adding the above pic on your blogs sidebar

Add up your points and please dont forget your book set number
Please provide link. This will end Oct 13 th

#1 paranormal set

#2 historical set The first book is What a Scoundrel Wants its kind of hard to see

#3 Urban Fantasy set

#4 contemporary set

#5 Suspense set

#6 Teen set

#7 Nocturne set

#8 Erotica you have to be 18 to get this set!

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