Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guy's Point of View Week - Return to My Heart!

Welcome to the first full story of "Guy's Point of View Week" here at Sequential Crush! "Return to My Heart!" originally appeared in Falling in Love #51 (June 1962). The reprint version (below) was published in Young Love #70 (September/October 1968).

"Return to My Heart!" is a story of a forbidden love -- between teacher and student. While not an entirely unusual storyline in romance comics, this one is different because it is told from the perspective of the male teacher and not the female student.

Mr. Forrest, a handsome English teacher is smitten with senior student, Celia Ames. He deals with his interest in her by trying to avoid her at all costs outside of the classroom...

...and inside the classroom, by reprimanding her. When ultimately confronted by Celia about his apparent dislike for her, he keeps his feelings for her inside; brushing his harshness off as a method of classroom control.

Mr. Forrest is not only the English teacher, but the drama coach as well. During practice one afternoon, Mr. Forrest does the unthinkable. He steps in for leading man -- Johnny, and shows him how the scene ought to be played. The rest of the class erupts in applause after the passionate kiss between Mr. Forrest and Celia. In return for their enthusiasm, the embarrassed Mr. Forrest gruffly demands that everyone memorizes their lines perfectly by the following Monday.

Following their very public kiss, the rest of the term flies by for Mr. Forrest. The end of the school year brings a graduation dance and Mr. Forrest is asked to be a chaperone. His evening of being an observer seems to going well until he catches a glimpse of Celia dancing with Johnny. His eyes lock with Celia's. She makes her way over to Mr. Forrest and asks him to dance with her since she will be leaving for college soon and won't see him again. Mr. Forrest hides his feelings for her and tells her to keep dancing with Johnny. With imagery so akin to the ladies of romance comics, Mr. Forrest lies awake night after night, thinking of his former pupil.

And here you thought only
the girls cried themselves to sleep!

Time goes on (as it tends to do) and after the passing of four years, Mr. Forrest decides to give it another shot at being a graduation dance chaperone. Suddenly, a tender gloved hand reaches out and it is no other than Celia, requesting a dance once again. This time, Mr. Forrest gives in and love washes over the happy (and age-appropriate) couple.

Though the script on this story sounds very similar to stories that are narrated from female character's perspectives, I think it is still pretty interesting reading a story from a male character's point of view. What do you think? Do you like the male perspective in the romance comics or do you prefer the more traditional female narrator?

Be sure to tune in the rest of the week for more examples of the
"guy's point of view" here on Sequential Crush!!!

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