Friday, September 17, 2010

Review Compromising Charis by Sahara Kelly

Compromising Charis
Author Sahara Kelly
Erotic historical romance
Ebook Novella
Requested review
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Book Description
Well I didn't get one or can find one for this book, so I included a little about this book for you guys in my review.



I loved this erotic historical novella it was very refreshing from most historical romances I have been reading and it was totally hot. This is a story about a woman named Charis that finds herself in a sticky situation with a man. So everyone thinks the worse and her reputation goes bad. Then her aunt finds a man to wed her, but Charis doesn’t want a marry a chuckleheaded lackwit that she doesn’t know, so she runs.

St. John Randall’s (Sinjun) wife has been dead for a while now and he has promised to marry a woman he doesn’t know, but from what he hears about her he just may. He knows this woman will be on the run, so he catches her on the road. Now all he has to do is convince her to stay.

Things I loved
The way the author puts Charis and Sinjun together and how everything fell into place. Charis is not one bit afraid of her sexual needs, when she wants something she asks, even though this is an innocent storyline I truly enjoyed it. I would suggest this to anyone that wants something different in a historical storyline and that enjoys a short erotic story

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