Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review VOOK Dark Hunter: An Insider's Guide by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Vook Dark Hunter: An Insider's Guide
Author Sherrilyn Kenyon
review requested
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Dark-Hunter: An Insider's Guide is a compilation of 5 of Sherrilyn Kenyon's untold stories from the Dark Hunter Series. This compilation includes: The Promise, Where Angels Fear To Tread, Dark Hunter Christmas, Second Chances, and Fear of Darkness. In this never before seen compilation, Kenyon gives her fans the insider's description of these new stories, which fill in crucial pieces missing from the Dark Hunter series. These stories give you more insight into Ash and his feelings of regret, Nick's need for revenge over his mother's death, and focuses on the importance of family when one has lost everything.

My Review


If you’re a Dark Hunters fan like me this one is not to be missed.You get
1.Christmas part 1 and 2 this book has Gallagher and Simi. (I really liked this sweet story.)
2.Second chances with Ash and Styxx.
3.The Promise
4.Fear of Darkness which is Nicks story and
5.The angel Fear to Trend with Zeak
These short sorties tie up all lose ends that you may have been missing, they dont take long to read. I enjoyed them all. The videos are awesome I always love hear what Kenyon has to say. This was very easy and fun to use. I’m like most of you love to have a book, but sometimes I need a little something different and this was it. Plus these books are getting harder to find, in fact three of these are not in book that I can find. It was well worth it just to see the videos. This is for I-PHONE, IPAD or Online.

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