Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review Dragon Witch by Kathy Kulig

Dragon Witch
Author Kathy Kulig
Novella ebook paranormal romance
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Book Description
Biologist and witch, Jaida Chel combines nature magick with herbal science to protect Kai, the last shapeshifting dragon on her world of Somerled. But when Captain Brayden Stokes reenters her life not only is Kai’s life at stake, but so is Jaida’s secured position in the colony. Brayden and Jaida can’t resist the sexual heat between them, even though she knows a relationship would be doomed. Fleet pilots don’t stay planetside for long.

Jaida is torn between Brayden and her dragon and companion, Kai. When Kai morphs into a human twice a year, his sex drive is ravenous. He must mate for twenty-four hours or die. Unrestrained passion between Kai and Jaida temps Brayden into a forbidden encounter. With Jaida’s sassy, wicked ways, the three cross boundaries, exploring eroticism beyond their imagination. When secrets and betrayals are revealed, Brayden must risk everything for one last chance at love



Dragon Witch is an out of this world story, that's fun and very hot! I truly enjoyed excellent short story, that’s mixed paranormal and fantastica. If you like action, adventure, emotions and hot sex with some m/f/m action this maybe for you. I loved both the hero and heroine with the added dragon, that at a point will surprise you for what he really is. Kathy knows how to write a short Novella that makes since and fun with added surprises.

This book receives Top Bite Award

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