Sunday, September 26, 2010

Guy's Point of View Week - Two Loves Have I!

I have really enjoyed putting together posts for the first theme week here at Sequential Crush, and I hope you have enjoyed reading them! I have one more story from the "guy's point of view" to share with you, and it's a good one!

"Two Loves Have I!" from Heart Throbs #125 (April/May 1970) drawn by Lee Elias, is a sort of romance comic book version of the Madame Butterfly/Miss Saigon story narrated by a love hungry American G.I., aptly named Joe.

Joe is an artillery spotter who has been placed on duty with another soldier in the home of a local Vietnamese family. The family's young and beautiful daughter -- Liu, helps the soldiers get their gear in order and their radios set up in the house. Joe immediately takes a liking to Liu, despite the fact he has a fiancée back at home in the United States.

Joe doesn't forget about Ruth and their future together, but Liu's presence and sweet demeanor help to pass the time.

Joe falls in love with Liu, but at the same time, cannot shake his love for his betrothed back home in the United States. One evening Joe stumbles upon Liu sewing a wedding gown and retreats in shock.

Having no clue about her lover's previous engagement, Liu is over the moon about becoming Mrs. G.I. Joe. Joe explains the situation to his mistress, and she is naturally hurt. Before Joe can explain further, members of the Viet Cong approach the civilian home, looking to rid it of American troops. During the attack, Liu and Joe become separated and Joe is rendered unconscious.

Next thing Joe knows, he is laid up in a military hospital recovering from his injuries -- unaware of Liu's whereabouts. A few weeks pass and Joe returns to duty. He tells his Lieutenant about his unfortunate last encounter with Liu, and begs to have a pass so that he can try to make amends with her. The Lieutenant breaks the sorrowful news to Joe -- Liu perished in the attack, saving Joe's life in the process.

My goodness!
What a tragic ending for this unique
and beautifully illustrated romance story!

Hopefully you have enjoyed these stories from the "guy's point of view" and I hope to find many more to share with you in the future!!!

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