Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Have an AGENT? How Did THAT Happen?

It came yesterday. The author/studio agreement.

I signed a copy to mail back. I put the other copy up on my fridge to look at everyday, at least for a little while. I haven't been this proud of an accomplishment since I got my Master's, y'all.

Dreamy McAgent loves EVANGELINE. She even read my revisions and got back to me during Labor Day weekend. Of course, I didn't think I'd hear from her for at least three weeks, so I vowed not to waste any time during my Labor Day weekend pouting over my empty gmail inbox. Now I may never have to use that gmail account ever again, since it was only for querying.

Who is this amazing woman who was kind enough to get back to me as soon as possible about my manuscript, even during a holiday weekend? Why, none other than Rosemary Stimola, of Stimola Literary Studio. She' s signed quite a few other YA authors in the past year, like Leah Clifford, and also represents an author named Suzanne Collins. You may have heard of a certain book trilogy she wrote? ;)

Rosemary Stimola, or Ro Stimo, as she signs her emails, was interested in the story from the start, but she also had enough recommendations for two rounds of revisions. Her analysis of the manuscript really helped me look at it more critically, and I could see that she really knew her stuff! On top of that, she was quick. Lightning fast! She requested my query in days, and got the manuscript back to me in a month each time. Well, except the last time. That was about ten days. Amazing!

Yes, it's still so surreal, and no, I'm not still laughing maniacally every time I'm reminded of the fact I have an AGENT! Mwah-ha-ha-ha! Only just that once, I swear I'm done.

My crit buddies deserve medals for what they helped me do to improve this manuscript. I also wanted to thank all my followers for providing so much emotional support and encouragement during my journey to representation.

Wish me luck for submissions, and I promise to keep you all posted.


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