Thursday, March 10, 2011

18 & over book blogger tag along March 11th


18 and over book blogger tag along is for a specific group of book bloggers. You have to primary review adult books. Yes, I know some of you still read teen and adult, so if you do both your welcome to join in. You can read any genre paranormal, suspense, historical, contemporary or mystery and of course, erotica books. And if you blog has a few extra hot male pictures, well, that’s an added bonus! LOL. So if you have a book blog like this and would like to find others please join in the tag along.

We are small in number, but we do love books and other bloggers. So please if someone follows you and leaves a comment please follow back.

How it works

*First make a post on your blog with this picture on top. That lets us know we are in the right place to make a comment so you can follow back.

*Second place your name or blogs name in the first mister Linky and your URL to the tag along post in the second Mister Linky.

*Third visit blogs listed and leave a comment to let them know you’re a new follower and would like a tag back. Or you can just a comment if you’re an old follower if you'd like.

If you have a question or problem you can email me, you'll find it under my contact.

Now if your new don't be shy most of these ladies are here every week and they are very, very friendly (I know because I follow most of them;)

Question of the week:
How may erotic book do you buy in a month?
Maybe 2 to 3 for me.

*Note someone made a comment a few weeks back about having a 18 and over giveaway hop. If any of you are interested in doing this just say yes in the comment box. This is a good idea and if a lot of you want to do something like this I will host it. I can get started this next month and have it around the first of June. Also, if one or two of you want to help out just email me. Thanks!

This is a weekly theme so please come back next Friday and join in again if you can. I try to post this on Thursday night around 9:00 pm.
I hope everyone has a good Friday and weekend! I wont be around this weekend, I am at the tail end of getting my May event ready Woohoo!

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