Friday, March 11, 2011

Review: Cashing In The Night by Crymsyn Hart

Cashing in the Night
Cashing in the Night
Crymsyn Hart

Paranormal Romance / Erotica

Cash Madsen is a Texas Ranger. It has kept him sane through his years of darkness. Being a vampire, his hunger calls him to kill those he feeds on, but he hasn’t yet. For a hundred and sixty years, he’s tried to put his past behind him, but one woman continues to haunt him. Rebecca Bruce has never quite gotten over the cowboy who got away.

Fate draws them back to the old saloon where they first met. Only there are more than ghosts haunting the town. Rebecca yearns for Cash, but he throws her in jail for murder. Cash’s buried feelings for Becca resurface. He must face them or risk losing her forever. Drawn together, they must discover who’s behind the killings and reignite their simmering passion.



Great Short Story! Hot Erotica!

This sexy short story is only 85 pages long and was every thing my minds sexual hunger wanted. Becca (Vampire) falls in love with a Texas Ranger Cash who proclaims his love for her but tells her he has to give her up because of his status within the Ranger field of moving up and it wouldn't look right marring someone who's past was a Saloon whore as a wife. Becca doesn't want to let him go so in the heat of their sexual encounter without him knowing what she is, she turns him into a vampire so he could be a part of her world and they could be together forever. However, Once Cash realizes what she has done to him, his love turns to hatred and he runs from her.

160 years has passed since that day Becca turned Cash into a vampire but she has always kept her love alive for Cash even though she hasn't ever seen him again since that one day. But faith brings them together again at a ghost town event where two murders take place and Cash is on the scene acusing her of being the murderer. Will their love and bond they share bring them back together and discover the truth or will Cash's hatred towards her rule her out for good? A must read story.

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