Friday, March 11, 2011

Review Bless the Beauty by Stacey Kennedy

Title:Bless the Beauty (Special Agent Fang, #1)
Author:Stacey Kennedy
Source: Requested review
Genre: Erotic romance- vampire with a Menage M/F/M
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Murder, abduction, sparring men, love and heartbreak―welcome to life of Special Agent, Hadley Sloan.

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a serial killer has been arrested for the deaths of nine women. This case, however, is far from closed. Two of his victims are alive and time is counting down to discover their whereabouts. Thus, brings in the assistance of the FBI.

Hadley Sloan and Chase Finley might be Special Agents within the Criminal Investigations Department, but what their comrades don’t know is, they’re in love…or that Hadley is a vampire.

Soon, Hadley’s personal life is uprooted and she is left with even more of a mess on her hands when Kellen Boyd, her vampire husband returns to sink his fangs back into her life…

Hadley must juggle the two men in her life, keep her secret hidden, and locate these missing women before it’s too late…

Warning: Explicit sex, ménage à trios.



Oh yea, now we are talking… Stacey Kennedy shows us how she can rock the erotic reading world with her hot Blessed Beauty. The Explicit sex and the ménage à trios’ made for a sizzling hot romance between two vampires and one human. You won’t find any anal whatsoever in this book. I enjoyed the storyline and the troubled villain.

Hadley has been taking some down time from her husband and living on her own life for a while, but she knows her time is coming up short; it’s about time for her husband to come and take her back. The thing is she is now in love with her new lover and she has no clue what to do. You have to read to see how Hadley juggles one man, one vampire and a murder case that is now adding up in body count. This is a short novella so the relationship comes together very quick and very little fuss. I recommend this to any paranormal reader that likes it all about the woman getting her pleasure.

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